Applebee’s Fires Waitress For Sharing “I Give God 10%” Tip Receipt

The Huffington Post reports that earlier this week, an Applebee’s waitress posted a photo on Reddit of a receipt from an alleged pastor who, instead of leaving the suggested 18 percent tip, wrote “I give God 10%, why should you get 18.” Now, after the bill went viral, Applebee’s has fired the waitress.

I thought the note was insulting, but it was also comical,” said the waitress, whose first name is Chelsea,. “I posted it to Reddit because I thought other users would find it entertaining.”

While many online were appalled at the Pastor’s behavior, Applebee’s was not happy with the waitresses decision to post the receipt and promptly fired her. In a printed statement Applebee’s spokesperson Dan Smith wrote:


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  1. Nyla Brown at 1:37 am

    Applebee's should be fired! The waitress should have blocked out any information that would pertain to the customer and the pastor should be more God-like and not such an asshole! His cheap ass should have just not given a tip but instead he writes ignorance on the check. The waitress didn't set the tip percentage. He probably doesn' even pay his 10% to God.

  2. William H Leonard at 4:08 am

    This pastor wanted something for nothing. If the services was good he shouldn't had any problem of given the 18%. Just because he didn't find it in the Bible don't mean he is exemp. The waitress have to live just as he does.

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