Viewers Say No To Rapper’s New “Baby Mama” Show Before It Debuts

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Everyone knows there needs to be some drama in a show to keep its viewers’ attention but shows like Shawty Lo’s All My Babies’ Mamas’s seem to want to take the drama too far. Many are calling the show buffoonery at its worst and they are not having it. Some have even gone so far as to write a petition to stop the show from ever hitting the air waves.

Black people have been exploited for the viewing pleasure of those who lack the taste to know that there are consequences to celebrating and rewarding the depiction of bad stereotypes.

Viewers are demanding the Oxygen Network to pull the reality show. Sabrina Lamb of New York went online to formally announce her disdain for the program, which features the Atlanta rapper and his 10 babies’ mothers, plus others like it. Calling for the show to be banned, Lamb attacked Oxygen for “celebrating the dysfunction” of Shawty Lo and his family.

From Change.org:

“Oxygen Television Network is prepared to broadcast a one hour special celebrating the dysfunction of rapper Shawty Lo…aka the insulting title ‘My Babies’ [sic] witnessed by his 11 children…by 10 different women…(some may have been underage) as they….argue, beg, fight for emotional, financial support and sexual reward. What is the difference between this ministrel [sic] show and the others which clog the airwaves without proper balance of the beauty and positive aspects of our community??”

So far more than 6000 people have signed the petition. Oxygen has yet to announce an air date for All My Babies’ Mamas. Sign the petition here!




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  1. No thanks because Oprah will have 6000+ white people to sign a petition far greater than the "no" people to air it.

  2. I don't care who signs as long as it doesn't air. It looks like a hot, ghetto mess!!!!

  3. Let me play Devil’s Advocate: We know from our history that is common for a man to father many children. We can look in the Bible and see that. Even today in many cultures around the world, a man can have many wives and father up to 20 children in a single family. It is something of a rite-of-passage for a man. However, you do not see women with many husbands because that is considered taboo by many standards.
    I don’t listen to rap so I do know who he is, but I will say this, he is trying to take care of his family, and this show will bring income into their home so that these children can grow up and have wonderful, stable life, then I say let the show air. Many of us are projecting our value system onto these people and it is not right. Unless these women are seeking government benefits, than yes, you can protest, but if these women and this man is providing their own income, then we have nothing to say about.
    If you do not like the show, do not watch the show. If you listen to rap music and protest this show, than that makes you a hypocrites because the only thing that this man is doing is bring many rap lyrics to life. This is a lifestyle that many of us know about and many don’t. This show will air, because it will bring people who are curious about this type of lifestyle and for people who have the baby mama, baby daddy mentality.
    There are so many shows on t.v. that don’t need to be on, but because these are black people and some black people are afraid that they might be made fun of, is no reason to have this show conceal. I do not define myself by what is on t.v. about black people. If a person has a misconception about me as a black woman, I have not issue in correcting it. If he was Mormon, this would be fine in some sections of our society. If he lived in the Middle East, this would be normal.
    These people deserve to have a show just like all the other talentless hacks out there. After all, this is a reality show and for many people having many baby mamas is a reality. Anything can be made into a teachable moment.

  4. You are a very clever individual!

  5. so much wonderful info on here, : D.

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