The Obama Phone Lady Disses The President Saying “I Darn Sure Won’t Vote for Obama Again!”

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Remember the scruffy voiced Obama phone lady, who was caught screaming with utter joy about getting a free “Obama phone?” Well, the infamous Alex Jones of Infowars.com clowned this lady on his show for weeks, after her video went viral on Youtube. Kicker is, a few days agoAlex Jones tracked her down in Cleveland, brought her to Austin Texas, wined and dined,  set her up in a hotel,  ultimately changing her perspective on Obama ….of course making fun of her lack of education all at the same time. She now says, “I Darn Sure Won’t Vote for Obama Again!”

Check out video’s below!




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  1. Shameful.

  2. What ever happened to the golden rule of never conspiring with your bother's enemy to get back at him? Come into the family and settle the dispute.

  3. Okay, so he found another uninformed idiot.
    Now, they're two of a kind!

  4. She is a fool smh..

  5. Watching her in the original video is more than enough. Evidently, she has no clue she is perpetuating a stereotype. By the way, lack of education, and being uncouthed are not the same thing. This lady is uncouthed irregardless to her level of education. White America is enjoying a damn good laugh off of her, and unfairly, at the rest of us.

    • That's what bothers me most!
      " White America is enjoying a damn good laugh off of her, and unfairly, at the rest of us."
      You notice how the reporter is egging her on!!

  6. The Free cell phones began under the Bush administration.

  7. Margaret Sanger died in 1966.

  8. What this woman should be saying is…. “I will stay away from talking on video cameras.”

    She is being used by ALEX JONES and some of the other “Obama haters” — and was selected for the film because she is rather crass. The FREE PHONE DEAL was not even Obama’s program…it was started by George Bush.

    I get tired of this nonsense from the rightwing nuts…but when it comes to really serious issues… like STOP & FRISK….they don’t make a peep about it.

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