Shawty Lo’s ‘All My Babies Mamas’ Could Get a New Network

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Shawty Lo is determined to redefine the black family in our country.  He doesn’t want you getting married and having kids like some kind of lame.  Instead, he wants you to have more babies mamas than you can count and so many kids that you don’t even remember their names.  The kids might hate you or hate the world after they’ve gone through a whole bunch of abuse and deprivation because you weren’t able to give all of them the proper attention, but who cares, as long a you’re ballin, right? 

Shawty’s trying to keep his show on the air, and if he gets his wish, you might have babies mamas everywhere.  To hell with really trying to take care of your family. TMZ has the scoop. 

*Before the protesters can call it a victory, watch out now because Shawty Lo has a back-up plan. It ain’t canceled yet, he told TMZ.

Other networks want the reality show, he claims, especially after all the controversy. (We doubt it, but we shall see.)

Oxygen caved under the pressure of the public and scrapped the show altogether. But “All My Babies Mamas” could be getting a new home.

Shawty says, “I take pride in having been actively present in all my children’s lives — and I understand my family doesn’t represent the typical American family, but it’s my family and it works for us.”




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  1. NEGRO PLEASE!!Get a vasectomy!!!!

  2. How do we know this show won't be positive?

  3. I'm more than sure it'll air on B.E.T. right after the reoccuring episodes of 'ROOTS' (-_-).

  4. As some have so many criticisms of Pres. Obama…this is a man that should be getting criticized — not a TV show. Dr. M. L. King might turn over in his grave if he could see this mess that folks want to put on TV. It’s pitiful. They all need to go to school, learn to do something worthwhile.

  5. Wow

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