Rapper Shyne Urges President Obama To “Do Something” About Gun Violence In Chicago

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Shyne is a vocal critic of President Obama and judging by his Twitter page, he has no plans of backing down. Earlier today, the Belizean rapper tweeted the commander in chief demanding that he help to stop the violence in Chicago.

With a home and headquarters in the Midwest city, the president calls Chicago home, but hasn’t put as much emphasis on the gun violence that pushed its homicide number above 500, last year. “#Yes u can! @barackobama u can do something tho curb the violence in the inner cities across America, especially your hood in Chicago,” Shyne wrote.

He also threatened to mimic Kanye West’s “George Bush doesn’t care about Black people,” outburst after Hurricane Katrina. “If @barackobama doesn’t do something about the genocide in Chicago fast I’m gonna have an @kanyewest melt down &say Barack Don’t care about?”




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  1. Pres. Obama has set up the “Gun Task Force” and they are coming up with some recommendations. Let’s see what they do first…before attacking the Pres. If that is not sufficient…then put your own ideas and proposals on the table to them.

    And have you seen that the RE-THUG-LICANS in Congress have some of their members who are threatening to IMPEACH our Pres. if he does do something about guns? They are threatening him with IMPEACHMENT for using his “executive powers” and other silly mess…like stopping them from shutting down the Govt. Yes…they are threatening him !!!! So…for those who want to CRITICIZE OBAMA SO MUCH…. let’s hear the attacks on the GOP clowns for these actions and threats.

  2. Who the fxck cares what this fool says. You want President Obama to send in the National Guard on them idiots. I would. Why can’t we take care of our own problems??? The major problem is women/children raising children and a lack of education.

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