Michigan Man Held Two Government Jobs at the Same Time, Earned More Money than Joe Biden

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A Michigan civil servant is in hot water after being exposed as holding down two six-figure public posts at the same time – earning him more than the Vice President. 

Barnett Jones, has been paid $273,750 since May as Flint’s administrator of public safety and head of security for the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department, despite the fact the posts are both full-time and based 70 miles apart, according to the Free Press.

The lawman resigned his Flint role today after the newspaper began investigating his job-juggling. 

Flint City Administrator, Michael Brown, told the Press he wasn’t aware of Jones’ other role. 

‘We didn’t know that he was working at Detroit water and sewer,’ Brown said. ‘I was surprised and to be honest, disappointed’.

Jones’ salary broke down as $135,000 a year from Flint and $138,750 from Detroit. It gave him a total salary higher than a senator, Supreme Court judge or even Vice President Joe Biden.

Jones told the Free Press on Wednesday that he was doing justice to both jobs, when the newspaper asked him if he could juggle the two.

‘Absolutely,’ Jones said. ‘There are some days I go to both, some days I go to one. Sometimes I leave out at 8, 9, 10 o’clock at night, Saturdays. I’m a workaholic.’
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2261027/Revealed-Civil-servant-secretly-working-time-public-jobs-70-miles-apart–netting-salary-higher-Vice-Presidents.html#ixzz2Hj041max


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  1. No, it is possible to work 16 hours per day, but what office is open that would allow him to work 16 hours during the work day on both with the miles between the two jobs. Welcome to America, where greed has taken over so many lives.

  2. I don't see the problem…some folks punched in @ Bethlehem Steel & worked @ Ford Stamping Plant @ the same time…and rec'v pensions for the very act….get your money bro!!!

  3. The writer’s negative focus and many you you have it wrong, sorry. The amount of the combined salary is irreverent and the mention of it by comparing it to the V.P. of the United States is clearly intended to insight a negative response. In my experience, culturally, certain groups show intense concern on what individuals earn, while others such as minorities tend not to care and more concerned with how they can also get there. This is exemplified by the comments in support of….

    Actually, then only issue is if both employers (management / policy) are ok with his job performance and his working one or both positions part-time. As common sense would dictate that there is no way he worked a min of 80 hours in a given week between 2 different locations. As a taxpayer/business owner/manager, my concerns are the waisting of financial resources on full-time position/s that clearly are not needed.

  4. BAIN!

  5. Did he have a bad PR? Was he doing the job? Eff this reporter, they are always trying to be negative or bring a person down when their black, you don't hear crap about Snyder and his "H.N." Orr specially since they are doing the exact same thing that Kwame is going to jail for. I hate saltines!

  6. The only issue, at all, should be, is there a local law against what he was doing. All the rest is hearsay and irrelevant. Is there a Michigan law against holding two public positions at once. If not, then there is no story.

    I note the story didn't include the Michigan law.

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