“HELP SAVE OUR RACE” People Getting Invitations To Join The KKK

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Things one might expect at the end of one’s driveway: a mailbox, garbage cans, a newspaper. Things one does not: a plastic bag weighed down with a rock, containing an invite from the Ku Klux Klan.

But the latter is what Atlanta-area homeowners found on Monday morning, prompting one Newton resident to call the sheriff’s office. There were apparently a few versions of the flier, which featured such lines as “Help Save Our Race,” and images like that of a klansman atop a horse with a torch; each included a phone number and website.

The sheriff’s deputy says the distribution of the fliers isn’t illegal; still, they “are being reviewed to make sure they don’t contain any inappropriate information or threats.”

He added that he isn’t aware of any active KKK chapters in the area; the fliers “seem to be based out of North Carolina.” CBS Atlanta called the North Carolina number listed, and spoke with a man who introduced himself as an imperial wizard. He claimed the fliers were handed out in nine states as “a recruitment drive” timed to “counteract Martin Luther King’s birthday.”




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  1. The Southern Poverty Law Center and the Office of Homeland Security have informed the public that there has been a big increase in “white racist” groups… like militias and the KKK. There are some who claim that the increase is a result of the election of the BLACK PRESIDENT….Barack Obama.

    We must all be on guard for the spread of a lot of “hate language” from many directions…including some “Black groups” that are promoting “hate white folks” in various posts and on websites, at meetings, etc. It’s all ugly….no matter who puts it out in the air.

    Our youth need to study more about “cultural diversity” and topics like “Black History” in order to get more knowledge about these issues. Some good books for students and anyone who wants to learn about these topics…. are: ” GOLDEN LEGACY”…..and “SUCCESS: Despite the Obstacles”

  2. A bigger story is the ethic cleansing of blacks in la. The Mexicans have declared war on blacks for 10 years and nobody seems to care. This wouldn't be allowed if it were whites.

  3. if the kkk try’s to get me I won’t go nowhere
    With them and if they try to get my black
    Friend I will say you have to go thro me
    And if you take me you have to deal with
    My best friend

  4. If the kkk try to get me I won’t go and if
    They try to take my black friend I will say you
    Will have to go thro me and if you hurt me
    You will have to deal with my best friend

  5. And that black people are just like us no
    Matter wat color there skin is and if you take
    My friend I will cry for a mouth and I love
    Black people if I culd change my skin color
    I would change it to black and I am christen
    And that means I love god and Jesus and
    Y’all shuld two and trust me black people are
    Nothen to be afrad of if y’all want to be afraed
    Of someting be afraid of satin and hall is no
    Fun trust me I am trying to help y’all so just
    Trust me and god loves y’all

  6. I will not join y’all I am not GUNNA do it go
    On call me wat ever y’all want idc come and
    Get me if you want and I will prove to y’all
    That y’all are just being silly if y’all say are
    You sure I will say yes do it I am right here

  7. Y’all are relly mean

  8. this is bullshit.

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  11. I don’t normally comment but I gotta admit regards for the post on this special one :D.

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