Film Highlights Brothers On the “Down-Low”: What’s Its Purpose?

by / January 21, 2013 Black News 14 Comments

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The film titled "Cover" highlights brothers on the "down-low," but is its purpose to inform black women or to scare them?


“Cover” is a film that gives you a look into a subculture that frightens many African-American women. Valerie Maas (Aunjanue Ellis) and her husband Dutch (Raz Adoti) decide to move their family from Atlanta to Philadelphia so that Dutch may advance in his career as a clinical therapist.

Everything seems to be going well as they begin to move up the social ladder of Philadelphia and become members of the city’s upper echelon of professionals. Suddenly, things begin to change and Valerie suspects that her husband may be cheating on her. As Valerie unveils more revelations about her husband’s activities, she grows increasingly more suspicious. Her suspicions are confirmed in an extremely unexpected turn of events that will leave most viewers shocked.

As a heteros*xual man, the film opened my eyes on the plight that black women face as it pertains to fearing whether or not their man is on the “down-low.” I was distraught by the thought of knowing there are women in this world that have had to deal with something so shattering. The first person who came to my mind after watching the film was reputable author Terry McMillan, who discovered her husband was gay. I even began to question the behavior of some of my past male associates. The movie is a real eye opener for heteros*xual men who are often tired of defending their s*xuality.  After watching it, you may begin to understand the paranoia black women face regarding the matter. Although the film was released in 2007, I feel like it should be a viewing staple for the African-American community. But I’ve often wondered if the film was created to simply play on the phenomenon or to inform women of the phenomenon and to have an open conversation about it.

Why do you believe the film was created?

Malcolm Morrow, a Your Black World Network contributor, is a senior, criminal justice major at The University of Southern Miss.


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  1. I think I seen this movie it was excellent!

  2. "You have something in you're eye" haha!

  3. I don't know why the movie was made. Are there bisexual men? Yes. Are there bisexual married women? Yes. Will there be a movie about that? I don't think so. Too many people would enjoy seeing that. Truth in relationships is what is on trial. Had they not moved to Philadelphia and moved up the "ladder," would he had become bisexual/gay?

  4. Its a smoke screen to cover up any real discussion on the origins and the spread of AIDS.

  5. I don't know what you mean, Eric. What is the origin of AIDS?

  6. If we eradicated homophobia in our communities our brothers wouldn't be compelled to live closeted thus giving our sisters a choice in whether or not to be with a bisexual man. Creating a hostile environment for those that are honest is just as wrong as the deception.

    • Good point Angelo but homosexuuality is just plain wrong, i am not going to use the bible, i am not going to disrespect anyone, i am going to simply say if all of us were gay the world would end..bc there could be no reproduction…Gods greatest gift is to make everything one time and have the power to recreate itself……Gay sex cannot recreate itself period..and there is a reason two men cannot make a baby together……..dont slay the messenger….its not homophobia…its that people know iits wrong and self destructive….

    • No I am not bothered by that point of view at all, I agree that gays cannot reproduce through sexual activity that's why I think there should be equal social and legislative hostility towards any heterosexual that is sterile or uses birth control. It is against nature to engage in sex without reproduction following. Makes absolute total sense now that I look at the world through your lenses.


  8. IDK but I never wanted to watch it again!

  9. Crazy but so real

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