Did the Brazilian Government Deliberately Create a Crack Epidemic on Black Citizens? Some Say Yes

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Crack addiction is out of control in Brazil.

It started in the jungles of the Amazon and is now infesting the streets of the “favelas” (ghettos) of Sao Paolo and Rio de Janeiro. In fact, Brazilians are the biggest consumers of crack and cocaine in the whole world.

Keep in mind that Brazil has over 100 million Black citizens, which makes the nation second only to Nigeria in Black population. Brazil has two and a half times the Black population of the United States.

What Happened in Brazil?

How this has come to be is mysterious. But one thing is for sure – it predominantly affects the Black populace of this nation. It also reminds us of the targeted assault of crack on our own Black population in the United States.

Brazil is a former colony of Portugal. The Portuguese took a ship full of enslaved Africans to the Vatican. They were seeking the Catholic pope’s blessing. He received the Africans and blessed what the Portuguese were about to do. Thus, the greatest holocaust in history – Trans-Atlantic African slavery – was begun.

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