Coach Sentenced To 15 Years For Giving HIV To Youth Football Player’s Mom

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When people who know that they are having intimate relations refuse to have tests for HIV and other “intimacy” diseases, that is irresponsible behavior and it is unacceptable. There are worse people though; the kind that do get tested but still go on having “relations” with unsuspecting victims and not using protection.

The best thing may be to always work with the assumption that everyone has a disease and use protection accordingly.

A former Texas youth football coach was given 15 years in prison for purposely infecting the mother of one of his players with HIV.

On Monday (Dec. 31) a judge handed down the sentence to Jimmy Bernard Billingsley who pleaded guilty to assault and causing serious bodily injury after admitting to being aware of his health status since 2008.

The 42-year-old met his victim in 2009, while coaching her son’s youth football team. They twosome engaged in unprotected s-x and in 2010 the woman contracted the virus. She called police since Billingsley was her only intimate partner leading up to getting HIV. “She suspected that he had infected her with the virus after he insisted on having unprotected s-x,” the local DA’s office said.

“He would say, ‘You’ll be okay,’” the woman revealed.  “’I won’t get you pregnant. I don’t have anything. You don’t have anything to worry about.’”

After starting to “feel sick,” the woman took a blood test which revealed her status. “I just cried,” she recalled. “’I’m not going to live for a long time,’ is what I thought.”

At a hearing last week, Billingsley acknowledged having several partners since finding out that he had HIV. “The defendant’s intentional non-disclosure to numerous s-x partners was egregious, dangerous, willful and malicious. He is truly a snake in the grass,” Assistant District Attorney Joshua Ross said in a statement. “His sentence brings some justice to his known victim and provides a measure of protection for so many others.”

Since being diagnosed, the woman has to take a medical cocktail of pills in attempts to stop keep her T-cell level high enough so as to not contract AIDS. “I am just so tired of going to the doctor, and so tired of taking medicine,” she explained.

Offering words of advice to other potential victims of the virus, the woman urged everyone to be cautious. “Just be careful out there. Don’t trust anybody. It’s not a game to play with . You don’t want to be in this situation.”




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  1. WOW. This is the reason I have remained celibate for 4 years. These people are CRAZY. I live near Dallas and would not touch anything with a ten foot pole and a can of Lysol. WOW! I'm truly concerned about all the women who are so desperate for love they are sleeping with the first man to show them any attention and then sleeping with the next one too. I'm cool…just keeping it real. This is scary…WOW. My sisters and brothers, be tested! WEAR CONDOMS. ABSTAIN! WOW.

  2. Just say NO to sex. Celibacy is your only protection. As for this fool, I step forward to cast the first stone, not that I am without sin but because the first stone need be cast.

  3. There is no test for HIV. All of the tests are antibody tests and do not prove that one has the virus. In fact, there is no universal standard for HIV tests. Canada doesn't recognize the T-Cell count diagnosis……..If this guy actually new how bogus, HIV/AIds phenom is, he could have gotten out of this court sentence……….For anyone who would like to know the truth, check out the documentaries, House of Numbers and The Other Side of Aids…….black people are the most gullible people on the planet, medically speaking. We NEVER question anything that relates to science and medicine………

    • What is the correct way to test for HIV?

    • Gwen, there is NO test that tests for HIV…I repeat, NONE…..all of the tests are bogus only detect antibodies that react to certain proteins within the test……….

    • Taken from http://www.liamscheff.com. Liam is a independent investigative journalist.

      Abbot Labs 2006 HIV Test

      First, the tests have no standard for interpreting their meaning.

      * “At present there is no recognized standard for establishing the presence or absence of antibodies to HIV-1 and HIV-2 in human blood.”

      They do not predict illness in people who are not already ill, morbidly impoverished, taking Aids drugs or street drugs.

      * “The risk of an *asymptomatic [not chronically ill] person with a repeatedly reactive [positive serum sample developing AIDS or an AIDS-related condition is not known“

      The tests have no specific, inherent meaning, but meaning is assigned to persons who are in the CDC’s ‘risk group’ They must be ‘interpreted’ for risk group, and not applied to the general population.

      * “Clinical studies continue to clarify and refine the interpretation and medical significance of the presence of antibodies to HIV.”

      Note the double-speak – “presence of antibodies.” There is “no standard” for determining the “presence or absence” of antibodies in these tests. The statement above is irrelevant, it has no meaning to this standardless test.

      * “AIDS and AIDS-related conditions are clinical syndromes and their diagnosis can only be established clinically. EIA testing [that’s this test] cannot be used to diagnose AIDS, even if the recommended investigation of reactive specimens suggest suggest?] that the antibodies to HIV are present.”

      The tests don’t diagnose, the clinician does, based on – not testing positive or negative – but on the CDC’s ‘risk factors,’ like Blackness, poverty, homosexuality.

      * “Sensitivity for HIV-1 antibodies was computed based on the clinical diagnosis of Aids.”

      The tests are validated, not by matching the results with actual infection with any particular, identifiable particle – the “standard” that is missing, butby using them on people, pre-supposed to be ‘at risk’ for ‘Aids’, that is, people pre-diagnosed with clinical “Aids.”

      The tests don’t give the diagnosis – the clinician does – no testing needed. The tests are said to work if and only if you are in the group that is pre-supposed to be ‘at risk’ – Black, gay, African, poor, drug users, etc.

    • Here are some videos regarding the HIV tests……HIV = AIDS: FACT OR FRAUD 1997

      Books – "Positively False" by Joan Shenton, "What if Everything that you thought you knew about Aids was Wrong" – Christine Maggiore, "Science Sold Out" – Rebecca Culshaw, AIDS, the establishment confesses– it's a hoax – Keidi Awadu, Inventing the Aids Virus – Perter Duesberg

  4. A daggone shame! Beware!

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