Chris Rock Says Only People With Mortgages Should Be Allowed To Own Guns

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Chris Rock has a suggestion for reducing gun violence: Limit gun ownership to people with mortgages.

“Every mass killer lives with his mother,” said Rock. “It’s never people who have their own place.”

His suggestion would address the issue of personal history, Rock noted, “because every mortgage already comes with a real background check.”

It would also have a pre-deterrent effect on potential perpetrators.

“If you go to jail for 30 years,” said Rock, “you’d still have to pay that mortgage.”




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  1. Chris Rock got jokes because he isn't the one getting robbed in the hood.

  2. I have a mortgage, but I think any responsible adult has the right to own a gun. Chris Rock is stupider than I thought he was.

  3. Ok. We're taking comedians seriously now?

    • My thoughts exactly. They might as well take Katt Williams serious if they are going to take anything Chris Rock said serious because he is a straight up clown.


  5. Chris is funny and is a bit thoughtful.
    Please don’t take him seriously, folks.
    The court jester is here to make us laugh
    and think a bit, that’s all.

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