Chad Johnson Sues Media Takeout and World Star Hip Hop for Releasing Dirty Tape

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This was a rough and horrible year for Chad Johnson.  He started the year as an NFL star on his way to marital bliss, and ended the year unemployed, without his wife, a domestic violence incident on his criminal record, serious financial problems and a dirty tape on the loose.  How the past can catch up with us if we are determined to be stupid.

Two of the most ratchet and popular websites on the black Internet are World Star Hip-Hop and Media Take Out. They make their owners rich, but those owners are eventually going to go down for not knowing the legal boundaries of what they can and cannot do.  Chad Johnson has filed suit against both websites after they released portions of his “private” tape without his permission.

In case you didn’t know this, you can’t show someone’s dirty tape to millions of people, make money from it and not expect to be sued.  If they ever try to do that to a white celebrity, they might lose everything they’ve got.

There is no word on what the outcomes are going to be for the lawsuits, and Chad isn’t stating the magnitude of damages he’s seeking.  But maybe the sites will learn that before you drop a tape like that, you better get permission.


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