Vigalantee The Hip-hopologists: Do Celebs Give Back Out of Necessity and do they get credit for it?

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wayne12In this interview, Vigalantee The Hip-hopologist talks about how we have so many artists who are flashy about the things that they have but don’t talk much about the things that they give.  He speaks with Wayne Hubbard from Urban Outdoors about the importance of giving back.  Are we more likely to give celebrities attention for negative things than positive?  Vigalantee addresses the issue in the interview below with Hubbard, asking whether celebs get more attention for being negative than by doing positive things.


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  1. Who cares… as long as people give back??? I don't. Just GIVE. If its from your heart, no 'credit' is needed or required. No one has to announce their charitable works, we ALL have the ability & inclination to give & be positive… It is rather we act on it or not that builds our character & helps others.

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