Using The Term “YOLO” For Profit, Drake Wants His Cut

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According to Drake, if you’re making cash off the term YOLO, you better cut him a check.Yesterday (Dec. 25), the YMCMB rapper, who helped popularize the acronym for “You Only Live Once” via his song “The Motto,” put some vendors on notice, via Instagram, for using the term on apparel without his okay.

“Walgreens….you gotta either chill or cut the cheque,” said Drake when posting a picture of baseball hats with “YOLO” across the front to his champagnepapi Instagram account. The “Take Care” rapper then posted pic of a t-shirt with Charlie Brown and Snoopy on the front framed with the words “YOLO is my motto.” This time, the Toronto rapper’s message was, “Macy’s…same goes for you.”

Does Drake have a claim? Gawker noted that there are currently over 100 YOLO copyright claims. So those cheap, 2 for $12 hats may be a reach. But, he definitely has a case with the shirt with the Peanuts characters, which is probably isn’t bootleg since it’s being sold at Macy’s, because it incorporates the word “motto.”

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  1. YOLO can mean more than "You Only Lives Once." I can come up with a million words with Y O L O. Mr. Drake there is a thing called copyright and I seriously doubt you have copyright to the alphabets. What you think people can not use Y O L O letters that are part of the alphabet that could mean almost anything given there are a million words that start with those letters? GET REAL!

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