Two Minutes and Some Change: Could a Race War Be Around the Corner?

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In this video, Vigalantee The Hip-hopologist talks about the death of Jordan Davis and all the other stuff going on with young black males in America.    Could a race war be around the corner?  Vigalantee says that it could happen.

Vigalantee, who hails out of the killing fields of Kansas City, talks about what rappers can do to help the problem.  He also goes into the recent accusation by the mother of deceased rapper Lil Jojo that Interscope artist Chief Keef had something to do with his death.  There’s more to hear, so check out the video here. 


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  1. There are some rumors floating around about a “coming race war” … and that may be on some people’s agenda…like the KKK or the WHITE MILITIAS. There is really no such thing as a “post racial” America where everyone of every race is getting along well…there is no more racial prejudice. That is a hoax.

    Although things are better in some areas…such as we don’t have openly segregated facilities like we did in the Jim Crow days…there are still many, many problems…such as the case of JORDAN DAVIS and TRAYVON MARTIN and many other Black youth who have been shot by White folks.

    ONE OF THE BIGGEST PROBLEMS is that too many people don’t want to admit that the U.S. has long been a violent country. They don’t want to examine the addiction to abuse, guns, fighting, wars, and other forms of hurting other people. The NRA gave a “press conference infomericial” only designed to sell more guns. It was disgusting to listen to LaPierre and his mad ramblings, which sounded like some DRUG KINGPIN…but he was pushing GUNS.

    It has been a long time problem…historical…just like the VIOLENCE of this nation. In fact, the U.S. started out in a lot of violence…killing off Indians and enslaving Black folks. So — we should not be shocked at all of the cruelty, gun killings, abuse, etc. that are happening NOWADAYS.

    Check out this video no America’s VIOLENT TRADITION:


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