Tim Duncan, Tony Parker Pose for Pic with Gun Pointed at a Ref

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We always thought that Tim Duncan was a good guy, but maybe he’s not so good all the time. We’re sure that NBA commissioner David Stern might have something to say about a recent picture taken of Tim Duncan posing with Tony Parker, pointing a gun at the head of a man pretending to be NBA referee, Joey Crawford.

Crawford is a jerk, to be honest.   He actually ejected Duncan from a game once for laughing, so he might even be a bigot.  But the NBA doesn’t tolerate its player promoting violence or hood-like culture.  So, league officials may be strongly responsive.

In the picture, Duncan is supposed to be The Punisher and Parker is Nick Fury.   This picture comes out at a tough time for the San Antonio franchise.  The team was just fined $250,000 for resting its starters instead of playing them.  The coach sent a few of the team’s leading players to a plane home, forcing them to miss a nationally-televised game.  Stern was upset because fans watch the NBA in order to see its stars, so by sending them home, fans are being cheated.

This one isn’t going to go over so well, we’re sure.



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  1. I think its really a joke! we all know these are good guys.

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