Mother of Nigerian Finance Minister Safe and Sound after Scary Kidnapping Incident

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Kamene Okonjo, the mother of Nigeria’s Finance Minister Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, was kidnapped recently.  She was kept for five days after being taken away at her home, according to Nigerian police officials. Police spokesman, Frank Mba says that the woman is in good health and good spirits.  She was found unharmed after police engaged in a massive manhunt to find those were responsible for the kidnapping.

“The Okonjo Family is full of thanks to the Almighty for this happy development,” a finance ministry spokesman said in a statement.

Police have not revealed the names of the suspects or if there was an organization behind the kidnapping.  The minister’s mother is in her eighties, and authorities are not yet aware as the kidnapping was driven by political or financial motivations.

The minister’s mother lives the Delta State, a section of Nigeria that the US State Department warns Americans not to visit.  The region has a very high risk of robberies and kidnappings.


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