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December 2, 2012

Black Women’s Group Seeks to Support Susan Rice for Secretary of State

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For some, the politics of race trumps all other forms of politics when it comes to choosing who is going to lead the nation.  This rule may apply whether you’re referring to Republicans who can’t stand President Obama for being black or for those who support all of the president’s policies because they feel he is one of them. The possible appointment of Susan Rice as Secretary of State has…

Melissa Harris-Perry Writes Open Letter about Dead Black Teen in Florida

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Meliss Harris-Perry on MSNBC did a recent segment about the shooting death of Jordan Russell.  Russell was killed by a white man for playing his music too loud, at least that’s what the media is saying.  The case is drawing similarities to Trayvon Martin, since he was also 17-years old when he died. But others are wondering why the deaths of other young black males are not being highlighted, since…