Rapper Cassidy Accepts Meek Mill’s Challenge for $100,000 Rap Battle

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Philly is now ground zero for a brewing drama in the world of hip-hop.  Meek Mill, speaking harder than he might have wanted to, threw out $100,000 on the table as a challenge for anyone who felt that he could battle him in the ring on lyrical ability.  His challenge got a response from Cassidy, one of the dopest artists around and one of the prides of Philadelphia.  Cassidy’s not as hot as Meek right now, but winning this challenge could change all that.

The interview below tells more about the situation, which could end up being expensive for somebody when it’s all said and done.   Is Meek going to respond to the challenge or walk away?  He doesn’t have a lot to gain by putting it on the line like that, so our guess is that his record label is probably going to tell him to put his tail between his legs and go home.


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