NBA Star Kenyon Martin Says “F*ck Basketball Wives”, It’s “Toxic to Your Soul”

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You hate when the pot calls the kettle black.  NBA star Kenyon Martin is no masterpiece himself, but he seems to take issue with the hit show, “Basketball Wives.”  Martin seems to think that the women on the show are worthless and that the show itself is garbage.  Not that we disagree with him, but maybe he’d better get his life straight before he starts attacking Evelyn Lozada.

But he does have a point and a right to make it.  The show “Basketball Wives” has lowered, not elevated, the collective intelligence of black people.  Also, garbage media like this shows the importance of emerging platforms like the Internet and other black TV networks to give the rest of us a chance to get away from the nonsense.  Newsone.com tells more:

When TMZ caught up with former NBA baller Kenyon Martin to ask his opinion on the“Basketball Wives” franchise conceived by Shaunie O’Neal, ex-wife of another ex-baller,Shaquille O’Neal, he didn’t even try to hold back his contempt.

“Honestly, I don’t watch that s**t, man,” said the former Los Angeles Clippers forward. “It’s toxic to your soul to watch that s**t, man.”

He went on to call the show inauthentic:

“I been married, man; that ain’t nothing that went on in my household.”

According to various media reports, Martin’s marriage to estranged wife Heather (who allegedly left three children and a husband to marry Martin) did not stop him from beginning a relationship with Hip-Hop sexpot Trina. That clustermuck sounds exactly like a ‘BBW’ episode to us, but different strokes for different folks.



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  1. I agree with this. I think the show is garbage and others like it are garbage and should be taken off the air. I'm sure some people sit in front of the tv with kids right next to them watching the show. But really what do you get out of watching a bunch of grown spoiled women that act like they still in high school?

  2. It seems like we don't see anything but negative shows or videos or commercials of Black People. Like that rapper 2chains, who graduated from high school after 3 years of high school with a 4.0 and the ignorant, degrading things he represent in his music. Butchering the English language. Shameful. These people make my job hard. I work with at-risk and high-risk kids. Most are being raised by the television.

    • Totally agree. I saw 2chains on "Don't Sleep" a few weeks back and he was talking about his life and education. Once I heard that he is actually an intelligent person I was floored because he knows and understands the damage that music like his causes young black people yet he continues to manifest garbage. I will never purchase any of his music, he is worse than the music executives of the "gangster rap" days. The only thing cared about is fattening their pockets regardless of what the music does to the minds of the community.

  3. It is garbage.

  4. “but maybe he’d better get his life straight before he starts attacking Evelyn Lozada.”

    D-U-H, excuse me, but he works– EARNS HIS M-O-N-E-Y and fame, whereas, the ‘wives’ have just laid on their ‘backsides’ to get where they are today! SO YES HE CAN TALK THE TALK AND NOT WALK THE WALK!!!

    If their lives are so screwed-up that you can make a T.V. show that low level functioning/thinking( or the lack thereof) people want to watch . . . .sad. For a bunch of women( ALL WIVES SHOWS ON T.V.!!!) one generation remove from being poor, having the nerve to be on T.V. airing out your stupidity/laundry is the second lowest thing they could be doing! SAD! Any and all women putting on that much over-paid artificial make-up, jewelry and stupid looking clothing are just like the street walking women who ‘hustle’ for a living. These shows have no redeeming value other than make little girls dream that you can trap men for money. So sad.

    Islamic women who are covered-up while in public have far greater beauty, for AT LEAST I CAN USE MY IMAGINATION TO PONDER THE BEAUTY BENEATH THE DRESS, with basketball wives they look like want-to-be sex objects to ‘hit it and quit; then go back and play basketball for 22 hours until the sperm sac needs voiding AGAIN!

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