Eddie Murphy Ditches Rocsi, Bags Russell Simmon’s Ex

by / November 4, 2012 Black News 18 Comments

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Eddie Murphy and His New Girlfriend Hit the Red Carpet For Spike TV's Tribute To Him

Eddie Murphy and His Girlfriend Paige Butcher

It appears that the relationship that Eddie Murphy and former “106 & Park” host Rocsi Diaz once had has run its course. Just months after the two were photographed spending some quality time in Hawaii, it appears that Murphy had a change of heart.

Last night he rocked the red carpet with Australian model Paige Butcher for the “Spike TV’s Eddie Murphy: One Night Only” tribute to him. Incase you’re wondering where you’ve seen Butcher before, you’ve probably spotted her on Russell Simmon’s arm or on Tyson Beckford’s arm at some point.

Murphy, 51, and Butcher, 33, seemed to be enamored by one another. Reports claim Murphy was more jubilant than he has been in a long time. As he chatted with with television reporters, Butcher stood “obediently” beside him, according to UK Daily Mail.


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  2. So what!!!! He's confused with himself anyways. Word to the wise stay away from men who change women like their underwear.

  3. Live and let live

    • Fuck that !!

  4. This dirty seconds stuff is nasty. Hopefully Micheal Strahan will not go after this one.

  5. Eddie Murphy just love women’s he don’t care what color they are…He looks dry & ruff looking & he just like getting his needs met:( I’m just saying!!!!!!!

  6. eddie murphy is a sell-out coon and so is russel simmons.

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  8. This is not news to me this is a slap in the face because we don’t want to see Eddie M flaunt around some used up supermodel. There really wasn’t anything else important to report besdies this? Everytime somebody Black something including another race we have to wake up to it in our face when all we are trying to do is look for some decent,informative Black news, not this shit.

  9. Sooner or later all the “leading black men” surrender to their kryponite–blonde white women!!!!!!!!!!

  10. It is very very sad. What causes this dissolution and disfunction? The surface of a human being is so insignificant. There is no substance in either person Eddie or her. Obama has a brilliant beautiful black woman and family. Look at the first, and follow, don’t stay the slave master’s mandingo. How low class.

  11. when rich black people date outside their race they’re just showing their savagery. not to mention when they die the money will go back to the oppressor.i’m glad i never see them as role models

  12. Eddie Murphy had a beautiful, black, supermodel wife, tall, beautiful green eyes. A woman who gave him five gorgeous children. Now he has a white woman on his arm. This shouldn’t be disappointing, but it is. Seriously, what is wrong with black men?

  13. Don't Care really I Don't…

  14. Hope she stays on the ground floor of the house. Ever since Shalimar took the big dive, I have had no interest in this #$%$. Just like since Natalie took the plunge off the boat I have no interest in Robert or Christopher.

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