Dallas Cowboys Player Files Restraining Order Against His Money-Hungry Relatives

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Tyron Smith, a second-year left tackle for the Dallas Cowboys, is dealing with more blows at home than he is on the field these days. Smith has been the victim of constant harassment from those who he once considered to be close to him.  Much of the harassment has to do with money.  The 21-year-old has had to file protective orders against his three sisters, two brothers, mother and step-father since he was drafted.

In July Smith signed a four-year 12.5 million dollar contract with the Cowboys, which has resulted in his family members becoming aggressive towards him and feeling entitled to his assets. Over the last few months the family has been divided over this issue. On Tuesday a police report was filed claiming that undisclosed individuals went to Smith’s home on Sunday and Tuesday to harass him about money.

Smith already gave a large sum of money to his restless and entitled family after signing in 2011. Smith’s family has been banned from the Cowboys training club and, according to sources, a family member has already been removed from the practice facility.  Maybe they need to learn that this money belongs to him and not the rest of them.  It’s hard for any of us to get ahead in this world without a pack of freeloaders on our backs.

The situation is very delicate for a private and quite man like Smith. It is not a-typical for family members to believe that they are owed a certain amount of money once one member of the family becomes wealthy.  These issues have existed in the lives of many professional athletes. Smith and his lawyers are keeping mum on the details about Smith’s family troubles, but for now, Smith’s safety is being protected by the Dallas Cowboys’ security team.


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