Cowboys Star Dez Bryant To Face Charges for Slapping His Mother

Your public image as a professional athlete isn’t exactly helped when you are publicly accused of attacking your own mother.  Dez Bryant of the Dallas Cowboys has gone from being a huge asset to a serious liability for a team that lives in the national spotlight.  The player is being charged with domestic violence in an incident that involved his own mother, and prosecutors are saying that they don’t plan to drop the charges for him or anyone else.

Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins says that Bryant is going to be charged with a Class A misdemeanor of family violence.  The DA says that his office still has to decide how they are going to move forward with the prosecution.  The entire affair began on July 14 in a disturbance during which the player was accused of slapping his mother, Angela Bryant, in the face with his hat.

“Just got off the phone with my lawyer; it’s not true,” Bryant said to reporters.

Bryant’s attorney, Texas state senator Royce West, told ESPNDallas.com that he has yet to speak to the DA about the charges.

“If indeed the district attorney’s office said it’s true, we’ll move forward with the case through the criminal justice system,” West said. “I’m never surprised by anything. I’ve been in law for over 30 years. If the DA thinks it has probable cause, we’ll go from there.”

If the NFL decides that Bryant has violated the league’s discipline policy, he could be suspended or fined.   His mother doesn’t want to pursue charges in the matter.

“We have victims every day that file affidavits of non-prosecution,” Watkins told the Dallas Morning News. “We take those into consideration but we take other issues into consideration, too … so that’s just one element of the prosecution that we consider.”



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  1. Thou should honor thy mother! I hope he finds GOD

  2. Who told? He must have watched his mother take slaps in the past.

  3. At least he didn’t give her an uppercut.

  4. He has done it before and his mom did nothing…….Had she put some terror on his stupid disrepectful azz the first time, he would have thought twice about doing it again……..

  5. des apparently can’t control his hands. he cost his team and now he’ll really cost himself.

  6. nigga you slap youre mom they need to cut youre hands off.

  7. This is too sad. It’s somethings I pray will never be attached to my rep and putting hands on my mom’s is at the top of the list. I can’t think of any excuse he can come up with to justify why he went so far as to slap and tear his mothers clothes, if you were ever going to walk away this should have been one of these times.

  8. shame

  9. You slap your mother and I know damn well you would probably kill me. Damn Shame!

    • Tell me about it. He is the biggest fool ever and I know his kids or kid will do it to him one day.

  10. Are you all reading the same thing I am, he slapped her with his hat, not his hand. How hard could that have been. Probably just made her mad. Obviously. Not saying he should have hit her at all. But really, his hat? They will take a black man to court for anything- Try to destroy him for ANYTHING! “He hit me with his hat!” Arrest his ass.

  11. You absolutely do not slasp mama there is no excuse

  12. I agree wit juney, who told, dat person is taking dis ta anotha level..”U NEVVA RAISE UR HAND TA UR PARENTS”!!

  13. After leaving the league, most NFL & NBA players are flat broke in a short 5 years.

    Their families treats them like a walking Lotto ticket, and this creates tons of animosity.

    Tyronn Smith has filed restraining orders against members of his family, and Bryant’s resorting to violence. SAD.

    We thought having money would at least reduce some problems, but they seem to multiply…

  14. Honor your Mother she gave birth to you. You might not like everything she tells, however it is a commandment form God. You need to get a grip! Stupid people under 35! It ani't right and it never will be slapping your mother should be a criminal offense.

  15. He foolin

  16. Ok you guys I don't think it's true! I've heard that his mom and family have been at him about money, and because we isn't handing it out she decides to add to his problems so that he will pay her to be quiet! I wasn't there, but there are two sides to everything…And most black mommas don't call the police on you, because you wouldn't survive slapping them! Remember the old saying " I brought you into this world and I will take you out"….lol.

  17. Let’s get real….some mothers don’t act like mothers and leach of their celebrity children. Some parents think they are owed something because they shared 23 chromosomes with a child and didn’t do nothing but cause struggle for the child to succeed. It amazes me how sorry and delinquent parents want to take credit for raise a celebrity child when did absolutely nothing to help the kid grow. Honestly I would love to slap my mother around the back yard and have her answer questions about my childhood and her questionable actions.

  18. And you still living! You weep what you sow for hitting your Mother you honor your parents so that your days will be long. Disreapecting your parents you shorten your days here on earth.

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