Country Music Singer Wears Confederate Flag Earpiece on National TV

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Some of these folks make you shake your head in both awe and disgust.  A country music singer by the name of Trace Adkins blew up the Twitter-verse by wearing a confederate flag as his earpiece on national television.   The fashion statement was made during the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree lighting, and has led to charges of racism against the singer and the network that gave him a platform.

The 50-year old singer made sure people could see it as he sang “The Christmas Song” during the show.  Some consider the flag to be a sign of southern pride.  Others connect it to the holocaust of slavery, which caused immeasurable pain and trauma to millions of black people.

“@TraceAdkins I’m seeing a whole lotta love 4 you dawg! That’s cause There’s More of Us than there is of them! Just bark & they crap emselves,” someone said on Twitter.

Adkins has been a staunch defender of the confederate flag and considers the Civil War as the “War Against Northern Aggression.”
Maybe Adkins needs to be reminded that the Civil War was also the war against southern oppression.


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  1. The South Lost the American Civil War.

  2. People like him are still fighting the war…lost and obscessed with an EVIL period in our nation’s history. Tell this POS to go see Lincoln!

  3. These are people who are a majority minority at the moment. They see their numbers dwindling rapidly! They should be praying that Black and brown people are more kinder to them than they have to us!!! They are the only race of people that celebrate their heritage as being 1860-1865….

  4. I feel it is just Southern pride!!!It is not like he flaunted it!! It is in his ear!!!Some southern rock bands used the on album covers in good taste!!!!

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