Cee Lo Green Could be In Some Serious Trouble After Woman’s Allegations

After being accused of drugging and s*xually assaulting a woman, it is being reported that Cee Lo Green had a long history with the accuser.  TMZ reported that the woman told police that she got together with the singer for drinks in a restaurant in downtown LA.  She says that he put a drug in her drink, and she later found herself nude in his bedroom.

Police are investigating and the case is expected to be forwarded to the LA County District Attorney.  The woman and Cee Lo met one another in February, 2011.  They spent time together back then and met up again repeatedly over the next year and a half.  They also spoke a lot on the phone and stayed in touch via text message, as he also flew her to LA on a repeated basis.

TMZ says that its sources claim that the woman was definitely a gold digger, frequently asking Cee Lo to buy her expensive gifts, and even conspiring with friends to convince him to purchase things for them too.  Sources say that Cee Lo and the woman both took Ecstacy together, and that the woman agreed to be a part of the entire ordeal.  They claim that the woman made the entire story up primarily because she has a boyfriend back in Houston and came up with the tale to keep from having trouble in her current relationship.

But the woman’s friends have a different story.  They say that Cee Lo is on tape allegedly apologizing for what happened, claiming that he thought that the use of the drug would help them have more fun together.  Maybe this situation is going to be more trouble than it was worth for Cee Lo.  We hope he didn’t do this.


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