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November 7, 2012

Beyonce to Romney: “Take That Mitches”

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Some people are fully capable of winning gracefully. Others, not so much. And after last night, we can place Beyonce in the latter category. Last night after President Obama’s victory, Beyonce tweeted a pic which read “TAKE THAT MITCHES” on her Tumblr. First of all, it was kinda lame. Take that “MITCHES”, really? Not exactly a witty turn on Mitt Romney’s name. Maybe “TAKE THAT WILLARD” would’ve been better, but Mitches?…

Cee Lo Green Could be In Some Serious Trouble After Woman’s Allegations

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After being accused of drugging and s*xually assaulting a woman, it is being reported that Cee Lo Green had a long history with the accuser.  TMZ reported that the woman told police that she got together with the singer for drinks in a restaurant in downtown LA.  She says that he put a drug in her drink, and she later found herself nude in his bedroom. Police are investigating and…