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November 1, 2012

Who are the Wealthiest Black Actors in Film?

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Who are the actors that are hauling in the most money?  We see their films come out and know that there must be money under there somewhere, but it’s tough to know whose got the most loot.  Also, there’s a difference between actors who get one or two big paydays and those who are able to sustain those paydays long enough to create a powerful economic war chest. Everywhere Nigeria put…

Cowboys Star Dez Bryant To Face Charges for Slapping His Mother

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Your public image as a professional athlete isn’t exactly helped when you are publicly accused of attacking your own mother.  Dez Bryant of the Dallas Cowboys has gone from being a huge asset to a serious liability for a team that lives in the national spotlight.  The player is being charged with domestic violence in an incident that involved his own mother, and prosecutors are saying that they don’t plan…

Oprah Partners With HuffPost’s Arianna Huffington to Launch New OWN Section

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Oprah Winfrey isn’t wasting any time where mega media mergers are concerned. Just last week, it was reported that Winfrey’s merger with HBO would be the platform for a new drama about a black professor at a prestigious college. Now, Oprah is partnering up with Arianna Huffington to launch her OWN channel at  The Huffington Post. Thursday the two women launched “HuffPost OWN,” a new section onthe Huffington Post website that…