Vivica A. Fox Throws Some Serious Shade at Stacey Dash: “She Doesn’t Have a Job.. I Just Didn’t Get It”

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Stacey Dash created quite a stir when she announced her support for Mitt Romney on Twitter. Many black people lambasted her, calling her a traitor, while others said Dash was just trying to get a bit of attention now that her career is fledgling.

In an interview with The Grio, Vivica A. Fox added her two cents, saying that she doesn’t really get the point of Dash’s endorsement of Romney.

“I don’t know why she [Stacey Dash] had to do a photo shoot in a Baywatch red swimsuit with the boobs and the whole flag behind her,” Fox said. “And she doesn’t have a job or something to promote right now. I just didn’t get it. She’s entitled to her own opinion but it was just surprising that first of all she was a Republican, and that she did it the way that she did. Most politicians when you support them, you try to support them with class, you don’t need to do a swimsuit shoot.”

Fox is right in the sense that Dash’s endorsement wasn’t exactly classy. In fact, some people would call the way Dash endorsed Romney a bit tawdry. I’m sure Team Romney would’ve been happy to have Dash say a few words on their behalf at youth events, so why just throw it out there? Why pose in a swimsuit and tweet the endorsement?

Fox went a little hard on Dash, but in the end, she does make a good point.


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  1. She just mad at stacy dash because shes old and her career is over

  2. 1) Stacey Dash is old and her career is over. 2) Vivica is directing straight to video movies and makin a lot of dough doin it!

  3. Like Vivica Fox, I don't understand why Stacey Dash endorsed Romney/Ryan, but that is her uninformed choice to put it nicely. She has always seemed a little mixed up to me so her endorsement really doesn't come as much of a surprise. Fortunately, the loss of her vote for President Obama affects nothing.

  4. viva fox is still working JOHNNY she has sitcoms and movies she still star in….got satellite?

  5. @Johnny I don’t know where you have been but Ms. Fox’s career is going very strong and as far as being old, 48 is not old. I hope you can be healthy happy and lead a good life as Ms. Fox is. Stacy Dash just needs to grow up and stop thinking the world evolves around her. First she needs some talent, second she needs to change her attitude, that being said she may just might be likable.

  6. I don't understand how ANY person of color would vote for any Republican. The bottom line is that this is america and folk have the right to vote for whom ever they chose without the fear of reprisal. I agree she and that Mowery girl's vote won't be missed….OBAMA s in for another four years!

  7. Stacy Stacy Stacy, We are not mad at you for voteing for Romney we’re mad at you for being greedy,and forgetting what it took for you to get there!! Being Black most of us grow up hearing these words ringing through our house/neighborhood that said IF YOU STAND FOR NOTHING,YOU WILL FALL FOR ANYTHING !!!!! REALLY, STOP THINKING ABOUT YOURSELF, try worring about those little old ladies at the doctors office crying cause they can’t afford their meds, or families who lost their house or now have a bad credit rating because
    of a hospital bill . You just let us know that you’r one of those people if I ain’t you it ain’t nothing,JUST LIKE HIM !!!!!

  8. There are many African American Republicans. Not until the very late 1800s & early to mid 1900s did African Americans begin voting Democratic. Republicans were initially against slavery & Democrats were for slavery. Lyndon B. Johnson(a Democrat) signing the Civil Rights Bill in the 1960s is when African Americans really began to vote Democratic.

    • Thanks for the history lesson….Neither party serves our interest now nor will they ever. Blacks living in america need their own party if we are ever going to have any real power behind our voice.

  9. I'm going to go out on a limb here, and say that Stacy Dash has decided to join the ranks of the sellouts. I'm not saying that she shouldn't vote for whomever her heart desires, for that is her right. But it just seems that there's a trend to cross racial barriers for profit (Nikki Minaj!), and will sell their souls to do so. It just appears to make the statement that… "I can get more support from white folks if I say "this" or if I say, "that". If you truly believe in what Romney's selling, then by all means…go for it! But if you're doing it as a feeble attempt to re-establish a dying carreer, well then…….

  10. Mitt Romney & his campaign would not give Stacey Dash the time of day; first because she is Black & a woman.

  11. Let'sa not be selective in our hate. If you are going to bash Stacey Dash, then bash LL Cool Jay, Fifty Cent and all the rest of the sellouts. Stacey wasn't at the convention (I don't think), but LL Cool Jay and Fifty Cent were. Why aren't all y'all coming down on them?

  12. First of all ppl need to stop making it out like we African Americans don't like other African Americans who want to vote for ROMNEY. The problem lies when they advertise it the way they do for attention. Like nicki and dash. If you really not doing it for show, attention, or money why can't you just vote and leave it alone? DO you see Obama supporters doing things for attention? I'm just sayin ppl shut the fuck.

  13. I just do get how you can vote for some who is devout Morman who's doctrine is as vile as the KKK. Brigham Young was a racist with extreme views against people of color. What a coward!

  14. Niggas & Flies! Get your feet out of your own way & stop Blaming Crackers all the time they can’t keep us in Hell if we Don’t want to be there??? Think about it! Such Niggativity & Bufoonery Stacy Dash should know better She is Somebody’s Mother! This can be Quite Embarassing especially to Her Son! What Brother you know want his 40 year old Mother Shaking Her Ass for Everybody to see! Stop it & Act like you got some sense & Clean up your life! Some of us Make us all look like BrainDeadNegroes! To all you street Negroes stop Glorifing Ignorance & Poverty if you got any intelligence Get out of these Ghetto areas,it’s full of BrainDead People! Move on up like George & Weezie but never forget where you came from & educate those less educated each one teach one! It’s too late in the Game to be Mentally Dead???

  15. If Samuel Jackson can come out and advertise that’s he’s voting for President Obama because he’s Black, Tom Joyner can get on a national radio show and say “forget all of the issues let’s just get him back in for now”: If Morgan Freeman can say I’m voting him because he’s Black then why can’t other say how they feel. I thought we were individual and entitled to I own opinions. Oh” I forgot we are, unless it concern the president.

  16. @Uncle Charlie, understand, if you’re African American with any sense of dignity, you would understand where everyone except you and Johnny up there who is totally clueless to what is really going on out in the real world. Let me give you an example, what if I was you slave master who beat your ass all the time and I say to you the only why to get off the plantation is to vote to get off, chances are you wouldn’t vote to get off the plantation because you’re so used and condition to be in a bad environment and is afraid of change in your life. Slavery in the mind still exist and is stronger than ever!

  17. Ms. Dash has been married to three different white men in her life. She does not identify with the average African American as a result. Therefore, she is entitled to her decision. She won’t be missed regarding not endorsing The President. She said, romney is a man of character, I just want to know, what is The President then?

  18. Like most blacks, Vivica cant look beyond the skin color to make an educated decision. Stacy Dash broke the black Democrat stereotype and caught the wrath of racist blacks everywhere. She looked beyond racial bias and was smart enough to see Obama’s policies are not working and a change is needed in America.

    The right to cast your own vote based on your own beliefs is on the greatest rights an American has. If you dont like it, move somewhere else.


    • Jackie, you’re right she does have that right, but let’s make sure you take it “serious.” It’s too important and many of our ancestors gave their “lives” for us to have the opportunity to vote. Our point is to analyze the information being fed to us before taking “knee-jerk” reactions to criticism of a decision you made to go public with your choice.

      Stacey Dash chose to go public with this, it backfired and now she’s reacting to it. Shes reminding us of the character she played in the movie “Clueless.”

  20. Whatever. Had she endorsed Obama in the EXACT same manner liberals would have no problem with it. She's entitled to her opinion & to endorse anyone she wants. What "work" is Vivica doing now, I haven't seen her in any movies or tv shows in a while….

  21. Does Stacey Dash really believe that Romney is the right choice for the American People? It would be better to vote for one of the unknown names than Romney, he is not for the 47%, he will help the rich get richer and if he could he would cast out all the poor people. He cannot truly explain his platform so how does anyone know what he plans to do for the United States. Yes, anyone can vote for anyone, and I have already voted for President Obama. He needs another 4 years to continue to clean up the mess left by Mr. Bush. I am not voting for him because he is black, I voted for him because he is the better candidate and he has proven himself the last 4 years.

  22. Stacey Dash is showing her ignorance of politics in this country. I don’t know this for a fact, but I assessment of her is that she probably doesn’t follow politics until the presidential election, and then she’s watching Fox News and some of the other cable news networks and getting “bad” information to base her decisions on.

    No critical thinking is occurring with her, she’s just following the crowd. Now if some politician were to introduce a bill in my state saying that I would have to have a “Colonoscopy” before my doctor can prescribe Cialis for me, I’d have second thoughts about whether this person is fit for office (referring to Virginia and the Ultra Sound legislation).

    The Republican Party has an agenda that doesn’t serve to the best interests of Americans at this time. And if Stacey Dash doesn’t find work soon, she may have to rely on some of those government programs that the Republicans are trying to eliminate, like “unemployment compensation.” Then she’ll realize, but it’s too late now Stacey.


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