T-Boz Gets a Reality Show, Had to Learn to Walk/Talk Again After Brain Tumor

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Everybody buckle up, because T-Boz, the coolest member of the group TLC, is now stating publicly that a reality show is in the works for her.  T-Boz, also known as Tionne Watkins, has gone through a great deal, including a failed married to rapper Mack-10, a brain tumor diagnosis, foreclosure and nearly everything else.  It’s good to hear that a few things are going right for her.

The show is going to be called “Totally T-Boz,” and will air on TLC in 2013.  T-Boz filed for bankruptcy just a few months ago, and is seeking out any and every opportunity to get right with her bank account. She is also trying to get her music career going again.  She had to learn how to walk and talk again after having her brain tumor removed.

We hope that things work out.  She has been through a lot and we’ve grown up with her.  Maybe she can get access to the same technology that Dr. Dre used to bring Tupac back.  It would be nice to see her on the road with Left Eye.


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  1. Praying for you T-Boz for total healing and restoration…

  2. Back on the road with Left Eye? I thought Lisa Left Eye Lopez was deceased?

    • I didn't understand that one either????? Left eye is deceased. I pray and hope this was not some type of sick joke. People need to know, this can happen to any of us…so keep the sick jokes to your self. We're speaking of another human beings life here. Blessings T-Boz!

    • Left Eye is deceased so I don't understand why they would say what they said. That last comment was kinda rude.

    • Left-eye's 'appearance' will be done through holographic technology. Like Tupac's was.

    • They said maybe she could come across the technology Dr.dre used to bring back Tupac, which was a hologram he used some months back. I guess they were trying to say she should use a hologram left-eye to go on tour.

  3. T boz will get through this I am a witness.

  4. really sorry to hear all of this. Watch the health issue Miss T-Boz and are you sure you want a TV life after your health issues?

  5. Good Luck T-Boz….my son had a brain tumor removed this summer and is having some complications but he is taking it day to day.

  6. Such a beautiful young lady experiencing so much in such a short time. My prayers are with her. Hopefully Dr. Dre will help her get things poppin/ again!

  7. I'am sure they meant to say Chili, see what happens when you don't proof read, T'boz is beautiful and talented, she was blessed by God to survive the surgery and now its her time to be blessed financially and I know her fans await to include myself.

    • Renee Dr. Dre did a song with Tupac using some type of new technology with a hologram, they're saying that maybe T-boz can possible use the same technology to do a song with Left-Eye.

  8. GO to the OWN Network….walk in the inspriation of healing broken lives. Praying for your healing.

  9. Prayers to ya, Sista
    For those that didn't get the memo… A while back there was a concert where a holographic avatar of Tupac was used. That projected avatar performed a lyrical session that has been received with mixed feelings, but speaks on the level of technology used in entertainment. The closing comment was in reference to that showcase performance.

  10. Ok, this is a really bad evil statement.

    Maybe she can get access to the same technology that Dr. Dre used to bring Tupac back. It would be nice to see her on the road with Left Eye.

    Why? Who says crap like this?

    • that's exactly what I was wondering

  11. Want to say happy bday to you T-Boz n many more

  12. I'm praying for you n God Bless you on your healing

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