Stacey Dash Responds to Twitter Backlash for Supporting Mitt Romney on “Piers Morgan Tonight”

by / October 10, 2012 Black News 30 Comments

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On Tuesday evening, actress Stacey Dash appeared on “Piers Morgan Tonight”  for a live interview which proved to be very interesting and revealing.

Dash has been on many headlines since she took to social media, using Twitter to support and endorse Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Dash is best known for playing the role of Dionne in the 1995 sitcom, “Clueless”. More recently, Dash played the role of  Valerie “Val” Stokes on VH1’s “Single Ladies”.

While on “Piers Morgan Tonight”,  the actress talked about why she was endorsing Mitt Romney:

“I would say because of the state of the country, and I want the next four years to be different. I believe him…I watched him, the Governor and his wife, on ‘Meet The Press.’…They spoke to me, they seemed authentic and genuine.”

After endorsing Romney on Twitter, the 46 year old actress received a lot of negative feedback with a lot of the negative feedback focusing on her race and gender.

She told Piers Morgan,

“The fury, I really don’t understand the fury. I don’t understand it. I don’t get it…I was shocked, saddened. Not angry. Saddened and really shocked. But you know what, you can’t expect everyone to agree with you.”

A lot of the negative feedback that Dash got was based on her being African American as well as being a female. Considering that she is African American, many of her followers on Twitter accused her of being a “sell out” for not supporting President Obama. Also, because President Obama has taken a stand for women in this election, some of Dash’s women followers were also critical of her supporting Romney and not Obama.


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  1. Politics shouldn't be black and white as the way people vote. You are suppose to vote for whom you believe will be the best choice to lead this country for the next 4 years. So what should white people be saying to the other white people that voted for Obama? Neither one would get voted in without support for different races. Shame on anyone for even saying anything to Stacey for giving her opinion. THIS IS AMERICA, HOME OF THE BRAVE AND FREE!

    • We have niether been always FREE or BRAVE. We all have different perspectives on america and what makes america what it is. Stacy Dash is taking her small fan base and generalizing about what she belives is the collective outrage of black people. "Clueless" is not what I would use to describe her as that would preclude me to belive that she was capable of ever having a clue. I dont care who she votes for and niether do (I'm willing to bet a plate of green eggs and ham) the majority of black people. Don't fall into the trap. If Stacey does not want to hear her fans opinions maybe she should not tweet her buisness out and then get upset that a few of her followers(that's scary to say) had something to say back. Maybe she should have a bit of shame.

  2. It doesn't have to be about Black vs. White. It should be about who has more in line with Women's health & Women's rights…

    • and the majority…I'm sorry – the "53%"…

    • this is a topic that is like immigration something that proper explanation of support is needed…others take advantage of support so support is fine but needs better definition in order so people don't take advantage for wrong reasons

    • My question is….why does anyone care what Stacey Dash thinks? I didn't know she was even around anymore. Last time i saw her she was in the movie, Clueless. Could this be her way of trying to combat a waning career?

    • i have to agree, who cares what she thinks. who freaking cares. its not like she is a top star.

    • People can vote for whomever. Educate yourself and vote for the candidate that matches closely to your values. On a side note, don't know why Romney has t told specifics about which deductions he will eliminate. It is 1 month before elections tell us. He is such a flip flopped anyway. YouTube it.

  3. Yeah, sellout. That sounds about right. She aptly starred in "Clueless".

    • Without trying to make a personal judgement on her, she sadly illustrates what happens when people don't take the time to really research a candidate's true body of work and try to espouse a position based on a couple of sound bites or interviews. This plays directly in to Romney's strategy of lying and constantly reversing his position. Sooner or later someone will hear him take a position they like and support him, even though he doesn't believe that position himself. Just ask conservatives who supported him in the primary.

    • please since she didn't illustrate why then why don't you and while your at it tell me the research you use cause to me to research requires credible places and sorry neither CNN or Fox and affiliates say the whole truth…also give us the pros about what has gotten better in 4 years

    • It takes/took about 8 years to completely wreck the economy of United States. It'll probably take that long to repair the damage.

  4. She's just another example of how when blacks see a little money, they become out of touch

  5. If someone supports someone because they believe in them does not equal sellout. I feel surprised that people don't see housing, gas, food, energy as reasons to support someone who wants to make a change from how changes have helped make things worse instead of better.

    • If it were a change for the better; Mitt says he is going to change Medicare and Social Security. Until 2029 Boomers will be turning 65; they are going to need both, where do your parents fit? My son developed Diabetes when he was 17 and we didn't discover it until he was 20 and out of the house: he had a pre-existing condition. Do you have kids, nieces and nephews?

  6. She succeded she is back in the spotlight…but not in a good way. but any press is good press right? Skank.

  7. Stacey, I’m voting Obama-Biden because:

    • Lowered taxes for 20 million African Americans through the payroll tax cut, putting $800 back in the pocket of the typical African-American working family.
    • Invested $3.4 billion in African American-owned businesses.
    • Passed the Affordable Care Act, ending insurance company abuses and expanding access to preventive care, which will reduce health disparities for 41 million African Americans.
    • Supported the early learning programs Head Start and Early Head Start, to reach an additional 64,000 children and their families.
    • Doubled funding for Pell Grants, increasing the number of recipients and putting a college education within reach for an additional 200,000 African-American students over the next decade.
    • Invested $2.55 billion in Historically Black Colleges and Universities, and other minority-serving institutions.

  8. I support Stacey Dash’s First Amendment Right of Free Speech. I’m glad to know her position and preference in politics. Now I understand that the character she played in the movie “Clueless” was actually Stacey Dash and not a “Character.” She really is Clueless. Maybe President Obama forgot to invite her to the party like Cornell West, so she’s mad at him now. She did say that she thought that the governor and his wife were “genuine. Now if that is true, then she obviously has not been paying any attention, because even Stevie Wonder can see that isn’t the case.

    Stacey Dash, Mitt Romney is anything but Genuine.

  9. Reggie Wade, your points are well stated!

  10. I never did think she was too bright, and its not the fact of race, but you have this Idiot(Romney) who you feel speaks to you. LOL really?

    • There is nothing wrong with a little free publicity and attention SMH

    • Your right Janet.

    • After all I been hearing about what Mittens been saying, I don't know how people can actually vote for him.

    • Lol Mittens!!!!

  11. Stacy Dash has her opinions just like everyone else: Now wait, that doesn’t mean I am saying she’s wrong, and I am not saying everyone that’s angry with her is right; It is what it is,so just leave the woman alone.
    Just vote for who you want,and she will vote for who she wants.
    She isn’t just a black woman she is also half Mexican.
    But who are we to say who’s wrong or right ?
    Did anyone bum rush you about supporting OBAMA?
    Personally I vote for GOD, so I guess someone will attack me, BRING IT ON !l:My point: Opinion is an opinion, AMERICA freedom of beliefs/speech.

  12. Everyone’s F**** up in the head, We go toooo far with nonsense.

  13. I believe in voting for a person who is best for our all around affairs, and I don’t have any respect for a person that does not respect the Commander in Chief regardless to whether he or she is black or white, blue yellow green or polka dot, it just isn’t good training, and if he doesn’t have that kind of ediquette/respect for the Commander and Chief, I know that he doesn’t have any for the elderly like me. How can we follow the leader if the leader doesn’t know how to lead. Everyon have their own reasons for doing what they do and I don’t think it is anyones business as to why or what I decide to do and I am the one that’s doing it. and paying for it. You know, people have a tendency to think that just because you don’t think or react like they think that you should react, then you are being different. Well, you are. Who want to be like everybody else and we are all unique individuals. Be unique. whether I like it or not, it’s your right to be who you are too. Be that way, it’s all right.

  14. I truly can see Stacey Dash Favoring Romney! Why? Most of the men she date are European. Much of her work projected her as a black high girl far removed from the life of black people. So, she's a oreo and I believe she can not relate to Michelle Obama or see that as being reality. She's is a beautiful sister, I just hate that she's a slave to the european male.

    • Me too

    • Yea herself, "Fancy"frm the Jamie Foxx show and Kerry Washington all favor the Devil over God.

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