Snoop Dog: Why I’m Not Voting For Romney

by / October 6, 2012 Black News 3 Comments

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Snoop Dogg decided to sit down and write down a list of the reasons why he is not voting for Mitt Romney and then also compile a list to explain why he is voting for President Obama. Snoop’s reasons are every unique because neither one of the presidential candidates have thought to use any of them.

Among the reason’s Snoop says he wont vote for Romney are :

“This motherf—a’s name is Mitt,”


“B—h got a dancing horse”


“He reminds me of every boss I’ve ever hated.”

Snoop cites among his reasons for voting for Obama,

“He mad cool yo”


“He’s BFFs with Jay-Z”


“He’s hugged Beyonce and sniffed her neck”

Snoop  is a great supporter of President Obama and has argued, in the past, that four years is not enough time to turn things around for the country which must have been in support of the President staying in the  White house a second term.

The rapper recently recently changed his name to Snoop Lion but it doe not seem to have stuck as most people still refer to him as Snoop Dogg.

The rapper was also in the news lately because a photo of him emerged where he was seen smoking pot with his son. A lot of his critics questioned what kind of father he is if he not only smokes pot in front of his son, but allows him to smoke the pot.

Snoop’s list is below:



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  1. lmao…critical thinking while high ;).

  2. First Donald Trump and now we are polling a weed smoking rapper. Really people!

  3. I don’t care what anybody say’s. Snoop is free and speaks his truth which is correct. “This m———‘s name is Mitt” – “He’s got a dancing horse”. I love that!

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