Sarah Palin Said She ‘Felt Sorry’ For President Obama

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Sarah Palin Said She Almost Felt Sorry For President Obama During The Presidential Debate

Sarah Palin

Former Alaska Governor, Sarah Palin, eagerly declared GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney the winner of Wednesday’s presidential debate. Palin, who is arguably the primary reason for John McCain’s failure to win the presidential election in 2008, was interviewed on the Fox Business Network to provide her feedback about the debate.

It was a struggle to watch some parts of this, as you considered President Obama with his lack of enthusiasm for his own policies and his lack of conviction in trying to articulate why is it he believes that government will make you healthy, wealthy and wise and happy when the vast majority of Americans know that government isn’t the answer,” Palin said. “I almost felt sorry for him in his role as president trying to explain why we need to repeat four more years of failed policies. I thought this was Romney’s night. Romney did very well and he was able to articulate well why it is that someone with great business experience is what we need to turn this economy around.”

Palin also reminisced on her own experience with the debate circuit in 2008, admitting that she doesn’t understand the behind-the-scenes process of the function. “You know, I had no idea four years ago what was going on behind the scenes or in headquarters,” she admitted. “In fact, we used to have a running joke, the JV squad, those of us on the vice presidential side of the ticket. We used to talk about where is this mysterious headquarters and what are they doing to this campaign. So I didn’t know back then how it worked, I still don’t know this inside baseball stuff.”

Palin also admitted that both candidates failed to adequately articulate “the gravity of the situation,” but that Romney had emerged the clear victor despite his shortcomings.


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  1. Stupid wench lets see who you'll be feeling sorry for next month when realize that Obama Ali rope a doped your sorry lieing boy (and you too apparently) LMAO!!!

    • The only thing she is sorry about is that the First Lady is living in the White House and her behind is in Alaska…… For real !!!!!

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  3. BFJ…

  4. BFJ…

    • Sarah Palin should be ignored on all fronts. As long as we pay attention, she'll keep on talking.

  5. Sarah, don't let the smooth taste fool you !!!!!!!

    • Sorry Monique , you hadn't logged off on my phone.

  6. We tricked Romney and GOP during in the last debate. President Obama let Romney run his mouth – "where are the jobs – unemployment keeps on going up – brah, blah, blah." Romney did not know we had the trump card with us – unemployment had plummeted to its lowest since 2008. Now the right wing is crying: "No. No. No. It can't be right. We’re dying – Obama came up with such a biiigii stick. We are done." Varney, FoxNews economist went to pee before coming into TV studio. Sean Hannity cried the whole day: “this can't happen 3 weeks before election.” Too bad -we have the trump card now. Unemployment is at its lowest. People will remember that on November 6.

  7. This foolish woman didn't know what was going on behind the scenes in 2008 and she still doesn't know what is still going on. She is a media whore and that is all there is to it. Romney kept dancing around the issue and he was aggressive and rude to the moderator who also had no control of the debate anyway. So what did Romney win? Nothing! That's what Romney won.
    President Obama didn't speak on the 47% comment Romney made because President Obama didn't want to give Romney a stage to win the undecided votes. So this woman has no idea what she is talking about.

  8. Why should she feel sorry for OBAMA? Feel sorry for the lying GOP candidate. He is degrading people and begging for votes. Whether his math equates 47% or we use Ryan's 60% , are they insulting people expecting votes? Give OBAMA his second term!

  9. The TEA Party is asking Sarah Palin..what have you done for me lately…..hmmm.

  10. Where did uninformed woman come from? She is so lost in political discourse. This foolish woman Sarah Palin should be the most hated woman in America. She is a disgrace for womanhood. She doesn't know how to think before she talks. She just releases her mouth and one thousand words goes out in ten seconds. Feel sorry for yourself Sarah for America will never give a fool like you a chance to smell the white house. Your place is in Alaska where you couldn't even finish your tenure as a governor. Was the seat too hot for you? Your Romney's mouth was wangling like yours throughout the debate saying unrealistic things. Yes, he says too many things but he will never be able to do them. Obama is a man of few words in his mouth and he doesn't waste them. He didn't want to lie to Americans just as Romney was doing. If America allows Romney into the white house he will create the first American poor. mind you he's a business man.

  11. Has she gotten her fifteen (15) minuets of fame yet? I thought she would have been gone by now, but I guesed wrong!

  12. Mrs. I can see Russia from Alaska, please please please go sit down somewhere, your opinion is like the tissue you wipe your ass with it gets flushed after use. You my dear are in no shape to give advice or your opinion on anything you were chosen as a joke and you are still a joke. Idiot!


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