Rihanna and Chris Brown Already At Odds-Are We Surprised?

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MediaTakeout.com (to the extent that they are credible) is reporting that an “extremely reliable insider” source  has revealed that, earlier this week, Rihanna and Chris Brown had a major fall out. This news comes just as we are all trying to wrap our minds around news that they have decided to get back together.

According to mediatakeout.com, the fight was not physical.

The “insider” source revealed that the fight started because Chris would not comply with a request from Rihanna. She allegedly called him and asked him to come to the studio, to meet her and he refused. Chris is reported to have opted for a night out with his friends and that is what upset Rihanna.

The source claims that a night out with friends for Chris was all it took for Rihanna to spend two days calling Chris constantly and each time she was yelling and swearing at him.

Chris is said to have taken a cool approach to the situation and has done his best to keep it calm and avoid any escalation. The source said,

“Rihanna is under a lot of stress [with her new album] and she wants [Chris] with her all the time. But Chris has his own stuff to do.”

The “insider” also said,

“[Rihanna] is very extra. She orders him around like ‘come here’ . . . ‘do this. That sh*t used to work before [when Chris and Rihanna were together], but Chris is a lot older. He’s a man and so you can’t do him like that anymore.”

Is anyone really surprised that, not long after getting back into the relationship, the couple are fighting again?


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  1. Run Chris Run, if you leave the toilet seat up and she call the cops, your going to jail. If your late to pick her up, and she calls the cops you going to jail, No matter what you do she will always have the power to get you locked up. Is that the kind of life you want ? All this for an occasional booty call. C’mon man don’t be stupid right now your a star, you could get more ass than Charmin. Keep you good name man sure you love her, but secretly she want to ruin you, and she knows it.

  2. Run Rihanna Run! If this idiot put his hands on you the 1st time trust me he will have absolutely no problem doing it again and YOU are the bigger idiot for allowing him to get away with it in the 1st place and more of a idiot to think that you deserve it!

  3. Cris, she is a pretty girl, but she has a problem. So do you if you stay in that relationship. It is only a matter of time that she will push you last button and maybe you will kill his girl. Is it really worth giving up your life and everything that you have worked for. No girl or guy is worth you life. The public will tear you apart because you went back to her. The public will always look for the worst in young black men and it doesn’t even have to be your fault. There are so many girls out there. If something happens to another girl that you are with, you will be blamed because of this pretty face who wanted your life. If you think I’m wrong, time will give you a better understanding.

  4. Just shows the levels of dysfunction affecting many of the people who are commenting. They take the sides of the perpetrator, and disparage the victim. As a result, these problems just can’t be solved. Even women are sympathizing with Chris for having beaten up Rihanna. Sick people = Sick society….

  5. I know it sound like I’m taking his side. But what and why would a girl, any girl, go back to a man who beat her that badly? Love is not supposed to hurt. And it was no accident. We don’t know the inside story. But, when you put it out there for the public to judge, what are you expecting the public to think or say? I do know of women who ran hoping he would never find her. There are women who feel “iF HE DON’T BEAT ME, THEN HE DON’T LOVE ME.” Which is she? Which is he? And what is THEIR problem?

  6. This is HEARSAY….we don't know if this is true….ppl need 2 stop with all the hate & bad wishes 4 them….it's THEIR life…it's THEIR "bidness"….everyone makes mistakes…some of us live & learn…. some of us don't….we all need time 2 grow….they need 2 make sure they keep everyone out of their relationship… which is going to be hard considering their both famous…..they have a lot in common & seem 2 want 2 be 2gether & they should try that again if they choose….the people making the negative comments are so funny…if we took a survey from your friends & family I wonder how many of ya'll could be categorized as "dyfunctional"….I guess YA'LL have all the answers? YOU sure ain't holier than thou & u have done SOMETHING in your life that u are ashamed and/or regretful of….it's just that noone knows about it…….when ya'll are officially appointed Judge, Jury, AND Executioner be sure 2 let the rest of us know…..

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