Oprah’s Trust To Evict Her Step-Sister From Home

The ongoing drama that is the divorce case of Oprah Winfrey’s father and step-mother now has a new twist. The talk show queen’s parents, Vernon Winfrey and Barbara Winfrey, still have a legal battle going on but now it is being reported that Davidson County Sheriff’s deputies will be  evicting  Oprah’s step-sister, Ashley Williams, along with Williams’ five year old daughter.

Ashley Williams is Barbara Winfrey’s daughter from a prior marriage.

In July, Phoenix Trust II, which is allegedly funded by Oprah Winfrey, paid $475,100 to stop foreclosure on Vernon Winfrey’s barber shop and the Chateau Valley house that Williams is now being evicted from.

According to Barbara Winfrey, the Phoenix Trust II also owns the home that she lives in in Williamson County.

It is expected that this week, Ashley Williams and her daughter will be evicted by deputies from the Chateau Valley property.

Barbara Winfrey is reported to be very angry that her step-daughter could be a billionaire and still remove her own family members from the home they live in. She said,

“Oprah has always been about supporting women and helping them take care of themselves. She goes to South Africa to take care of children in need. Why would you set a child out on the street? … It looks like she’s being a bully. She’s the one with the money and the power.”

Barbara Winfrey claims that  she’s made attempts to speak to Oprah on the phone but has not been successful. She said,

“She will not talk to you. She doesn’t talk to little people. I’ve called her three times. She will not respond.”

Barbara Winfrey is still embroiled in a legal battle with Oprah’s father and she is fighting to make sure that  Vernon Winfrey continues to pay for their mutual bills and expenses at their Franklin home during their divorce. The interesting part of her request is that she acknowledges that her husband is being supported by his famous daughter but she still insists he should support her.

Vernon Winfrey declared in court documents that he’s overdrawn on his personal checking account and his barbershop only clears $282.33 a month after expenses.

Because Barbara Winfrey is still living in the home that is owned by her queen of talk step-daughter, she says she is nervous she may be evicted as well, saying, “It wouldn’t surprise me.”

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  1. Gerian James at 2:36 pm

    Oprah owes no one anything! That's the thing with families, because you might have a little more than them…they have an entittlement problem. This is sad because these people have an issue because Oprah wouldn't continue to bankroll them…what Oprah has, she worked her ass off for!

  2. Kimberly Johnson at 3:19 pm

    You write,"Because Barbara Winfrey is still living in the home that is owned by her queen of talk step-daughter, she says she is nervous she may be evicted as well, saying, “It wouldn’t surprise me.” How is that statement backing up your headline? Please only write facts, not what if news!

  3. Sheila Tedford Spencer at 3:36 pm

    Oprah worked hard to get where she is now. Just because your last name is Winfrey doesn't mean that she is required to support you. Get a damn job and live within your means. Oprah is not married to this woman her father is. Oprah does a lot for the needy. There is a difference between the needy and the lazy. I'm damn proud of her and I wouldn't let anyone shame me into doing something that I did not want to do. She is Oprah's STEP MOTHER not MOTHER. Right a story that is news like all the good that she does do. Oprah screw them and keep doing what you are doing. And may your billions multiply even more.

    • Charles Parker at 4:46 pm

      Adults having married before should know the cost of re-marriage that those single may never know… Ask yourself; where did a lack of submission over-step, love your husband.. Children, honor your parents is the principal; whereas, in reverse is the arch of confusion.. The father's do not provoke the children to anger…

  4. Lorraine Turner at 4:47 pm

    Ashley is not related to Oprah. It seems Barbra is trying to take advantage of Oprah because of her acquired wealth. Ste Sister find a job and stop bragging how Oprah can take care of you and Barbara stop being an enabler. Trying to scandalize and vandalize Oprah's name does not help. There's no mess like family mess. Let go, neither one of you are entitled (Barbara, Ashley and the Baby)

  5. michelle at 9:18 am

    It’s sad that the negative comments toward Oprah are even being uttered by her step-mother. It should be recognized that she is NOT BLOOD RELATED to Oprah and guess what? Oprah does not have a legal obligation to take care of her or her daughter or her child. The comment that she’s got the money and she believes in women supporting themselves, she’s right: she should go out and support herself and yes, she will probably be evicted from the home she’s in now, especially if it’s in a business name belonging to Oprah. How is she being a bully? Because she refuses to ignore the fact that her father is going through a divorce and his wife is trying to get over financially? Please…she’s really being nasty about things and expecting Oprah to foot the bill for her, her daughter and her grand-daughter. Sad and truly selfish. She knew she was divorcing him, she should have saved up her money and gotten what she could when the going was good.

  6. Sheila Robinson at 12:38 pm

    You are so right. Everytime a person becomes successful through their hard work and sacrifices relatives want a piece of the rock. You are not entitled to any money someone else earns because you are a relative. When someone works hard and make more money than anyone else in the family, relatives always expect them to foot the bill. This is the way it works, if you want something go out and work for it without expecting others to pay it for you. Greed is overcoming so many people. Like Suzie Orman said people first.

  7. mattie marie kyle at 7:17 pm

    I say STEP you gold digger. You and your daughter and the child. Just because Oprah is your husband’s rich daughter don’t try and take advantage of her via her father. You type of women make it bad for decent women. STEP and go get yourselves a good paying job. And, shut your mouth about Oprah!

  8. Aneya Tyanna at 10:34 pm

    Oprah is in no way wrong I mean come on really? She is NOT Oprah's real mother so she should receive WHAT EXACTLY? That is sick and Oprah is right for helpin her dad but that woman is NOT entitled and her daughter need to learn what free loader really means! You can't ride this woman's coat tails like that….dang even the old chicks are gold diggers now…Shame On It All

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