Obama’s Appeal to Working Class Whites Might Make the Difference in this Election

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As the 2012 presidential election closes in, we can all see that the race is close.   President Obama has maintained his coalition from 2008, but it’s questionable that he has a broad enough appeal to get back into the White House.  The economy has been the leading point of contention, and the primary reason that some voters have chosen not to support the president this time around.

“He has lost support to some degree across the board with the exception of Hispanics and African Americans,” Scott Keeter, director of survey research at the Pew Research Center, told AFP.

 “The question of whether the different parts of his 2008 coalition turn out at the same rates they did four years ago is vital and one that nobody knows the answer to at this point.”
Over 95 percent of all African Americans voted for Obama in 2008, with record turnout.  But the president also dominated with the Hispanic vote, landing 67 percent of the bloc.    Over two thirds of all voters under the age of 30 supported President Obama. They also served as his base of volunteers that took to the streets to get him elected.   The president also had 56 percent of all female voters.
Mitt Romney appeals to white voters and the wealthy.  But some are not sure if he’s the kind of Republican who can get people excited.
“He’s not depending solely on an ideological base or a conservative Christian base at all to get him to the point where he is neck-and-neck with the president,” said Keeter.
While Romney is leading across the nation, the president is leading in swing states.   It turns out that the president’s political firewall consists of states that are predominantly white, such as Ohio, Iowa and Wisconsin.  The biggest battle is for the state of Ohio, which has the most electoral votes, and political ads are running 24 hours a day.
“This time there’s clearly in Ohio a decline in enthusiasm for the president among these groups,” political expert John Green, from the University of Akron, told AFP.
A factor in Ohio is that the president bailed out the auto industry and Romney wanted the companies to go bankrupt.   Most of the president’s ads have portrayed Romney as a manifestation of corporate greed.  In the 2008 election, the president did not lead among working class whites, giving up an 18 percent deficit to his opponent.   He is working hard this time to get those voters for this election.
“I don’t know if that’s the actual strategy of the campaign but the evidence certainly fits that pattern,” said Green.


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  1. Whats interesting to me is, if whites agree with the Black perspective on the President all is well, however if they don’t agree they are Racist and worse!

    Oh, and don’t be black and not agree; you are ostracized and vilified, called names for not following the party line, because everyone knows Black folk have all had the exact same experiences so should all think just alike!

  2. So the White working class who agree with the Presidents plans for the next 4 years are, “good white folk” those whites who disagree are just racist who want to hold Black people down!

    If that’s what you think, then any program or policy that is not in your personal best interest is anti Black and should be fought against.

    That also may indicate you do not care about the country as a whole, only that which makes things better for you.

  3. I don’t think any opposition to Mr. Obama is racism. I don’t agree with him on everything and I’m black. I agree much more with him than Romney. There are certainly black people who are voting for Mr. Obama just because he’s black as there are racist white folk who are voting against him because he’s black. You can disagree with the president on policy or philosophy or whatever, I get that. But Black people know when certain opposition is just fishy and has more to do with who the president IS as opposed to what he BELIEVES. Like the railing about his birth certificate, his grades, and him being a muslim. That sh*t is nothing but racist.

  4. We all should be voting for President Obama, he cares about us. Romney has made his fortune off outsourcing jobs to China. From these companies: Flexronics, Jabil, Global Tech, CSI, Stream, Modus Media, GT Bicycle, SMTC, Chippac and Sensata. Willards positions and policies change like traffic lights, depending on who he is in front of. Romney is for the 1% and he has made that 100% clear. LYING AND FLIP FLOPPING IS WHAT ROMNEY AND RYAN DOES. YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO VOTE FOR WHO YOU WANT TO, but the Republicans are trying to steal the election by suppressing the vote with new voter laws, trained poll workers to intimidate people and flat out lies. The poor, the middle class and seniors are under attack by the Republicans. WAKE UP AMERICA! OBAMA 2012

  5. When the working class come together and quit letting the rich make fools out of them, they’ll be much further ahead.

  6. The working class white better wake up and smell the coffee beacuse If Romney gets elected they will have a much harder time making ends .

  7. We all are in this together.

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