Kobe Bryant Has Very Nasty Words for His Former Teammate

by / October 14, 2012 Black News 10 Comments

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Kobe Bryant doesn’t and didn’t like point guard Smush Parker, a former member of the Los Angeles Lakers.  Bryant felt that Smush was missing the talent necessary to be a great player, and Smush just felt that Kobe was a jerk.  Parker has said that playing with Bryant was “overrated,” and Bryant would pretend that Parker wasn’t even on the court.  Kobe ranted about Smush on his Facebook page of all places, which got instant attention:

“Leadership is responsibility. There comes a point when one must make a decision. Are YOU willing to do what it takes to push the right buttons to elevate those around you? If the answer is YES, are you willing to push the right buttons even if it means being perceived as the villain? Here’s where the true responsibility of being a leader lies. Sometimes you must prioritize the success of the team ahead of how your own image is perceived. The ability to elevate those around you is more than simply sharing the ball or making teammates feel a certain level of comfort. It’s pushing them to find their inner beast, even if they end up resenting you for it at the time.”

Smush is no longer in the NBA, but had no problem discussing the real deal behind playing with Kobe on radio interviews.

“You can’t knock the man’s legacy, you can’t knock what he’s done in basketball,” Parker said on Hard 2 Guard Radio. “His work ethic is tremendous. There’s not an ounce of hate in my blood whatsoever. The guy can play basketball — you’ve seen that throughout his career.

“What I don’t like about him is the man that he is. His personality. How he treats people. I don’t like that side of Kobe Bryant.”

Bryant isn’t into all the touchy-feely stuff and said that tough love is necessary to build strong players.   He mentioned that Parker was unprofessional and even overslept before a team flight.  Kobe had more to say, obviously on a day where he had nothing better to do with his time:

“I’d rather be perceived as a winner than a good teammate,” Bryant wrote on his post. “I wish they both went hand in hand all the time but that’s just not reality. I have nothing in common with lazy people who blame others for their lack of success. Great things come from hard work and perseverance. No excuses. This is my way. It might not be right for YOU but all I can do is share my thoughts. It’s on YOU to figure out which leadership style suits you best.”



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  1. Chuuurch.

  2. Well alrighty then……

  3. He has no love for lazy people, “How about his former wife.” This woman who does not have a college education nor work ethic. She has taken his stupid, conceited behind to the cleaners. What does he have to say for that? This dude is going to eat all of his words and suck them up one day. He can play basketball but he is no Wit Chamberlain, Michael Jordan nor Magic Johnson. He is a loud mouth with on apparent intelligence, he seems to be one who has a low self-concept and compensates his lowliness by making people think that he’s more than what he is. This dude is actually hurting inside and need prayer, if anything.

    • Wilt Chamberlain who slept with thousands of women, Michael Jordan who cheated on his wife, and Magic who cheated and got AIDS…I understand what you were trying to say with your comment but if you’re going to use someone’s name, please make sure that they are not in the same category as the person you are talking about.

  4. His business, sounds like a “Cry Baby” to me

  5. No matter WHO you are, you can't talk down on some people without getting the same feedback! Some people can dish it out but can't take it! It was not Mr. Bryant's job to talk to anybody about nothing…..that's the CHOACH job!

  6. WOW..

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