GOP Lawmaker Says America Was Better Off During Slavery

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The conservative yearning for the days of the Confederacy has no end.

Speaking on a conference call for the ’40 Days to Save America” plan, Texas Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert decided to inject slavery into the conversation:

 We strayed away at different times, Andrew Jackson’s time was not a great time, at different times slavery was a blot on our existence, but the trouble is we have never as an entire nation overall been so far away from God’s teaching and so openly rebelling, even from the top, against God’s teachings in the Bible.”


Gohmert believes that America is morally worse off today than during slavery. Although some white conservatives sincerely believe that, it is doubtful that slaves, who were sold, beaten, and ripped away from their families, would have agreed.

Before you write this off as an isolated incident, remember that in 2011,  Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann signed “The Marriage Vow”, which suggested that black families were better off during slavery.

“Slavery had a disastrous impact on African-American families, yet sadly a child born into slavery in 1860 was more likely to be raised by his mother and father in a two-parent household than was an African-American baby born after the election of the USA’s first African-American President,” read the pledge.

The Iowa group which circulated the pledge eventually deleted the offending passage and apologized.

And just two weeks ago, Arkansas lawmaker Jon Hubbard defended slavery in his book, “Letters to the Editor: Confessions of a Frustrated Conservative”, calling it a “blessing in disguise” for blacks.

More and more it seems that conservatives desire to convince everyone that slavery was not that bad, and blacks should just shut up and be more appreciative. They’re rewriting history at a furious speed to cover up what can’t be hidden – the utter immorality of taking away the freedom of another human being.



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  1. Hey Louie Gohmert your an a$$hole………

    • Oh and so is Bachmann!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. unless we forget is not just a slogan nov 6 what are u gonna do I AREADY DID VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • Voting is not power when you are a numerical minority; look around my man don't mimic BS

      think before you chump yourself.

  4. So black people should shut up and be happy. Happy about what the world we live in we almost all the republican are working over time for the devil. Who dont give a fuck about poor people, has no idea about be homeless or what it feels like to not have food to feed ur family. Selling ur soul to the devil for a quick dollor is not everything. If me being poor and loving my god then hey

    • Get off of your black ass, off of foodstamps and wellfare and go to work.

    • Go to hell and for ur info i do work and pay fucking taxes.

    • My god is bigger then u so take u places

    • Hey William, you know there are more white people on welfare and food stamps then any other group. See this is what happens when you are ignorant of the facts and just rely on an opinion based on emotion or an opinion that you got from watching some media outlet that just tells you what you want to hear.

  5. First off black folks need to get the language correct (Dr. King) Africans were enslaved by their so called masters. Our ancestors were not slaves but enslaved, remember the middle passage African women would throw their children overboard rather than let them grow up in slavery. Second there was over 200 slave revolts during our enslavement so our ancestors just did not lay down and take this.
    Now for these crackers that say things like we were better off in slavery and wants the good old days back. FORGET ABOUT IT!!!
    If black folks will punish these cracker for the wrong they did to our ancestors they will stop taliking crazy to ya’ll. Native Americans, Japanese American and even the jews in Nazi Germany all received reparations for the wrongs done to them but Black folks in America? Obama put reparations on the table for your people. Teach these crackers when they mess up they pay up!

  6. I'm pretty sure native americans, aborigenes , Hawiians, Eskimos, Japanese, africans and folks from the middle east, wish they had never seen or trusted whites. China probably built a wall to keep them out.:-)

    • ignorant people like you is why racism still exist today

    • It's your kind that INVENTED racism, natural born liar.

    • O' yeah we invented racism. We enslaved pple. LOL

    • Mike Merideth O'yeah none of this is true. Read something, but first take those country do rags off.

    • Elaine Clemons Thanks for not putting up a picture

    • Elaine Clemons Picku up a book, other than the Jet and learn something. We already have to many GHetto queens.

    • Hey Mike..you call Moto ignorant, but what did he say that is incorrect. You conservatives can't defend your racist ideology, therefore you try to project your racism onto others. Everytime someone points out the racism by conservatives, the only defense from conservatives is to say that person is racist. You never address the issue at hand, you dance on the peripheal.

  7. My hand hurts from the impact of the facepalm that occurred in reading this… I may have a concussion as well…

    • He is an idiot

    • “Slavery had a disastrous impact on African-American families, yet sadly a child born into slavery in 1860 was more likely to be raised by his mother and father in a two-parent household than was an African-American baby born after the election of the USA’s first African-American President,” read the pledge. ***************************************************** I will say this… as far as the child being reared by their parental figures the break down is in fact because of the atrocities of slavery. Don't turn around and tell me that slavery was the blessing when in fact it was the acts of slavery that instilled the "broken home" institution that plagues so many families today.

    • Honestly, I thought this was a joke. Then, when I read it, I immediately went into pop off mode. What a pompous ass…

  8. Gohert Looks bi-racial to me! the one drop of blood!

    • u got that right…

  9. to all of u people that got youre little pink panties in a bunch……u r retarded upon reading both articles i realized no body but the person who wrote the headline said anything degrading to blacks that just shows how ignorant u people really are all

  10. @ carlos carr….the term cracker that you use is racist dont throw stones when you live in a glass house……in case you forgot real americans are native indians we had nothing to do with european people or nazis as you call them bringing blacks here…..and in case all of you ignorant people forget who was it that brought slavery to a end……oh yea a fucking WHITE guy or cracker as you so ignorantly call him……u people should eat a bullet for lunch

  11. If conservatives want slavery I'm sure that we the people can oblige! Smh pure ignorance

  12. what in the hell is wrong with people these days?

    • you said it…HELL for some its their destiny.

  13. The GOP is so good at throwing stones and hiding their hands I say to all of them slavery still exist for Black America just hidden behind a bunch of lies that is suppose to be giving Blacks Americans equal rights. If thing are so equal now why has the president had to endure so much disrespect? Right about now they will stop at absolutely nothing to win back the white house.

  14. he is absolutely right. all that free labor and free black p***y.

  15. @t-mic read history ok the 13th amendment freed the slaves not the so called Emancipation Proclamation, and by the way Abraham Lincoln hated blacks, and was literally forced to do what he did, read the book titled Forced Into Glory, but not everyone knows this and the majority of the so called founding fathers and most of the first 15 presidents were slave owners, bet you didn’t know that.

  16. fuck that slavery my ass be out side picking cotton while the light skined nigros be drinking lemonade and slepping next to master bed fuck that.

  17. I can understand why some mindless Whites would be very nostalgic about Slavery, and the days of Slavery. All they had to do then was sit and give orders, and what they said was carried out. Who wont salivate for the possible return of such days, if you are in the master, or order-dishing position?
    Well, sorry for you people that think like that: time, events and other issues of history are never stagnant. Here we are now with a Black President. I know how you feel. I know how Congress feels, I know how Newt Gingrich, Rush Limbaugh, Senators Mitch McConnell and De- Mint feel. This is comparable to the way Pharoah felt when the people of Israel were exiting Egypt: No more slaves to continue doing what slaves are meant for in the land of Egypt. But one is clear: They cannot do anything about it even inspite of McConnell’s visceral outburt of doing everything in his power to see that Obama is one – term President.

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  20. Some white People are so smugged, and arrogrant. But it just let everyone knows how bad you are now and how bad it was then with all of the screwed up comment they post…They are the first ones that always have some racist to say , but then cant take the backlash, after affect of being put in their place…All the bad comments in the post, but their own people started the mess in the first place…Tell your people to get a life…and leave Black people alone with your racist comments, stories, and post.

  21. A blessing to not no your roots and where your family began. A blessing to watch who you think is your wife raped by master, a blessing to watch master take your son and daughters and rape them because they can, thats right rape your son also and you can do nothing but die if you speak. Yea those sound like the good old days.

    A blessing to have so many people of your race dumped overboard of each slave ship so many that the number could not be recorded. Many times more than the Holocost deaths.

    Yea black Americans really were better off in the good old days. I wouldn’t wish what happened to African Americans on the Jews that died by Hitlers hands, so truely they must have been better off.

    The sad thing is white people world wide do not feel an appology is warranted or as the US Constitution reads should give African Amricans thier due payment for these attrocities.

  22. He is German. They want to enslave the world and rule it with an iron fist. Take him seriously.

  23. This is why we must separate from white people, they will never accept any of the Aboriginal family to be in authority over them. We must do for ourselves

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