Dude Gets Romney’s “R” Logo Tattooed on His Face, Would You Get an Obama Tattoo?

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When rapper Gucci Mane got a tattoo of an ice cream cone on his face, you could almost hear the the laptops of right wing blogs firing up. Seeing a rapper do something stupid plays into the ” see there! told you black people are out of control’ meme which is pushed on the right. But truth be told, stupidity knows no bounds, or race, which is evidenced by the white dude who just got Romney’s “R” logo tattooed on his face.

Eric Hartsburg auctioned off space on the side of his face on ebay for $15,000. The person who paid Hartsburg was a Republican ebay user who wanted him to use the space on the side of his face as a permanent ad for Mitt Romney.

“I am a registered Republican and a Romney supporter,” Hartsburg said. “I didn’t mind getting this tattoo because it is something that I could live with and it’s something that I believe in.”

 And I’m sure he’d have said he was an Obama supporter if the winning bid had come from an Obama supporter. He’s not fooling anyone. He just sold a piece of his face for a cool $15,0000.
The only restriction Hartsburg had was that the tattoo could not be racist or offensive.
“In the beginning it was done for gags and publicity, but now I see it as a way to encourage young people to vote.” He continued, “We have so many rights that we don’t utilize and young people need to exercise that right.”
Whatever. Hartsburg thought up a creative way to make some quick cash and he went with it. Still stupid. Know what would be funny though? If the ebay guy reneged on the payment. That would be a fitting ending, and maybe it would discourage ice cream and Romney  face tattoos all over the world.
Seriously though, what do you think? Would you ever get an Obama tattoo on your face? How about anywhere else on your body?


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  1. 15g’s yea I think a whole lot of people would be willing to put a double O or On O on… Did any one mention “Little Wayne or my main man Tyson

  2. As it'll probably only cost him a couple grand and a world of pain to get this tatt removed, dude's probably counting his sale as a profit. Still… he looks like an idiot, and sounds like one. That cash will be gone in a month. lol

    • what the fuck did i just read?

    • A$$

    • We will happily work out a deal for him to get it removed!

  3. Yes I would definitely get a Obama tattoo just not on my face but yes anywhere else on my body for the right price. Couldn’t pay me enough 2 get a Romney tatoo on my face or anywhere else oh maybe on the bottom of my foot so I can feel like I’m stepping on his ass with every lil step I take.. Peace!

  4. We strongly encourage everyone to vote, but when he's ready to remove the giant R from the side of his face, we're where to help with that.

  5. Bet he feels dumb now that Romney lost.

  6. Just plain STUPID!!!!

  7. Does this man believes that he is Romney’s slave or property?

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