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October 28, 2012

Lil Wayne Released From Hospital For Severe Dehydration and Migraine, Not Seizures

Lil Wayne Released From Hospital For Dehydration and Migraine, Not Seizures

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Rapper Lil Wayne has been released from the hospital after being treated for severe dehydration and migraine. Despite reports of the rapper suffering from two seizures, his representative is saying those reports are false. The representative told E! News: “He is at home on doctor-mandated rest and will return to work soon. He appreciates all of his fans for their support and love.” The rapper is reportedly recovering at his mother’s house…

Obama’s Appeal to Working Class Whites Might Make the Difference in this Election

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As the 2012 presidential election closes in, we can all see that the race is close.   President Obama has maintained his coalition from 2008, but it’s questionable that he has a broad enough appeal to get back into the White House.  The economy has been the leading point of contention, and the primary reason that some voters have chosen not to support the president this time around. “He has…