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October 23, 2012

President and CEO Wonya Lucas Walks Away from TV One

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The President and CEO of TV One, a cable network based in Silver Spring, Maryland that targets African American adults, has resigned. Wonya Lucas will be stepping down from her leadership position and will be replaced by Alfred Liggins, who is the CEO and President of Radio One. Liggins will officially take over from Lucas on November 1. Liggins speaks very highly of Lucas, saying, “Wonya has created a strong foundation…

Michael Strahan:”I’m not an adulterer. I’m not gay…I didn’t beat anybody.”

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It seems Michael Strahan and his wife-to-be, Nicole Murphy can’t catch a break when it comes to all the rumors that are circulating about them. The former New York Giants football player is not only dealing with rumors about his current relationship, but he also had to finally address the rumors about his previous marriage which ended in divorce in 2006. During the divorce proceeding between Strahan and his ex-wife,…

Vivica A. Fox Throws Some Serious Shade at Stacey Dash: “She Doesn’t Have a Job.. I Just Didn’t Get It”

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Stacey Dash created quite a stir when she announced her support for Mitt Romney on Twitter. Many black people lambasted her, calling her a traitor, while others said Dash was just trying to get a bit of attention now that her career is fledgling. In an interview with The Grio, Vivica A. Fox added her two cents, saying that she doesn’t really get the point of Dash’s endorsement of Romney. “I don’t…

The Obsession With Rihanna and Chris Brown-Are They Being Good Role Models?

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It seems like the media is obsessed with pop singer, Rihanna, and her on-again-off-again boyfriend, R& B singer, Chris Brown. Back in 2009 he beat her to a pulp and then they appeared to break up but were still seen together. Then, after a few weeks, it seemed as though they had broken up and had both moved on. In September, Rihanna told media mogul, Oprah Winfrey, in an interview,…

Jay-Z and Beyonce Lose in the Trademark Battle for Blue Ivy

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For most people, until Jay-Z and Beyonce announced their then newborn baby’s name, it was a name they had never heard of. Mr. and Mrs. Carter named their baby Blue Ivy and while it  was unique, a wedding planner in Boston, Massachusetts had already had the same idea for her company. Jay-Z and Beyonce were not able to trademark their baby’s name because Veronica Alexandra has been using the same…