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October 20, 2012

Harvard Rejects Jay-Z As A Role-Model

Harvard Rejects Jay-Z As A Business Role-Model

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If there’s one thing everyone knows about hip-hop mogul/entrepreneur Jay-Z, it is that he is an expert in all matters regarding business. The drug dealer -turned rapper – entrepreneur is one of the wealthiest men in the world. Forbes claimed he and Beyonc√© Knowles’ combined incomes equate to a billion dollars. With all of this being said, it’s no surprise that many people revere Jay-Z as a business role model……

Prince is suing CAP for $116,000 he alleges was unlawfully taken from his bank account

Cha-Ching: Prince Sues Debt Collector For $116K

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Prince, who is arguably one of the most attractive men and performing artists in the world, has reminded us of why he is an extraordinary person. Ok, not really… In a strange twist of things, Prince is suing a collection agency for more than $116, 000. The agency, Capital Asset Protection, made two withdrawals from Prince’s bank account this summer in the amount o f$105, 949.14 and $10, 278.94. The…

Trouble In Paradise: Tamar Braxton and Vincent Herbert Mansion Up For Sale

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Thanks to the reality show, WeTV’s “Braxton Family Values” we watched as Tamar went mansion shopping with her music producer husband and his big pockets. Now, a year after moving into the luxurious home, they have listed it for sale. Tamar Braxton and Vincent Herbert have allowed viewers into their “interesting” lives with a reality show of their own,¬† WeTV’s “Tamar & Vince”, where viewers get front row seats to…