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October 19, 2012

With Such High Divorce Rates, Should We Still Marry For Love?

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The divorce rate in America is so high that only about half of the people who get married will actually stay married. There are many theories as to why the divorce rate has been steadily climbing over the last few decades. Sadly, even if you look at the marriages in Black churches, their divorce rates are just as high as the “secular world”. Even those thatĀ  believe that going to…

Rihanna and Chris Brown Already At Odds-Are We Surprised?

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MediaTakeout.com (to the extent that they are credible) is reporting that an “extremely reliable insider” sourceĀ  has revealed that, earlier this week, Rihanna and Chris Brown had a major fall out. This news comes just as we are all trying to wrap our minds around news that they have decided to get back together. According to mediatakeout.com, the fight was not physical. The “insider” source revealed that the fight started…