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October 17, 2012

Comedian Katt Williams Arrested Over Gun “misunderstanding”

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Comedian, Katt Williams, had some handcuffs slapped on him by Los Angeles police in the early hours of Wednesday morning. According to TMZ, the police held the funny man over suspicion of a gun violation. Police reports say that a call came in from Supper Club with a complaint that there was a man waving his gun around in the club. When the police officers arrived at the scene, witnesses…

GOP Lawmaker Says America Was Better Off During Slavery

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The conservative yearning for the days of the Confederacy has no end. Speaking on a conference call for the ’40 Days to Save America” plan, Texas Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert decided to inject slavery into the conversation:  We strayed away at different times, Andrew Jackson’s time was not a great time, at different times slavery was a blot on our existence, but the trouble is we have never as an entire…

Rapper Lupe Fiasco Says He Was Visited by Aliens

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We’re not so sure what to make of this one, but the rapper Lupe Fiasco says that he was visited by aliens when he was younger.  During an interview with Big Boy’s Neighborhood on Power 106 in Los Angeles, the artist said that he literally meet an alien when he was 11-years old.  The really interesting part of it all is that he isn’t joking. “When I was 11, I…

Did the Million Man March Make a Difference in the Black Community?

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Exactly 17 years ago yesterday, a million black men gathered in Washington DC, swearing to be better than they were before.  Pledges were made to uplift the black community and to strengthen black families.  Since that day, times have been tough for African Americans:  The prison population has skyrocketed, economic despair has increased, and gangster rap music has glorified both violence and ignorance within the ranks of African American men….