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October 14, 2012

Kobe Bryant Has Very Nasty Words for His Former Teammate

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Kobe Bryant doesn’t and didn’t like point guard Smush Parker, a former member of the Los Angeles Lakers.  Bryant felt that Smush was missing the talent necessary to be a great player, and Smush just felt that Kobe was a jerk.  Parker has said that playing with Bryant was “overrated,” and Bryant would pretend that Parker wasn’t even on the court.  Kobe ranted about Smush on his Facebook page of…

Florida Group Starts a “Hoodie Halloween” Campaign that Includes Trayvon’s Uncle

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A group in Florida is running a campaign that is designed to get people to consider how we can all be affected by racial stereotypes.  The group claims that after the death of Trayvon Martin, we should think for a second about how a black man looks in a hoodie, as opposed to a white one. “I’m a black man, are you afraid of me now?” The group asks in…

Awesome! Ole Miss Has First Black Homecoming Queen

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Just 50 years after ending its notorious segregation policy, Ole Miss finally has a black homecoming queen.  The school just crowned Courtney Roxanne Pearson as their queen, with the student receiving the crowning during the halftime ceremonies of the Ole Miss-Auburn football game. “I am still in shock, but I am definitely very excited,” said Pearson.  She defeated the runner-up Ashleigh Davis, 1,477 to 1,387 in a very close race….