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October 8, 2012

Not Good: Student Spikes His Teacher’s Coffee with Butt Enhancement Pills

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The scary idea that just anyone could spike your drink is enough to make any of us nervous.  A teacher found out the hard way just how bad kids can be when a student in North Carolina allegedly put butt enhancement pills in her coffee.  “GluteBoost” is a supplement that is designed to make your donk a little bit “donkier.” Ellen Vick, a 61-year old teacher at Independence High School…

John Legend Backs Out of U.S. Tour A Week Before First Show

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The New York Times blog is reporting that John Legend has announced that his North American tour has been cancelled. The singer reports that he had to cancel the tour because he has not finished his new album. Technically, the singer did not really cancel the tour; he has postponed it until 2013. The R & B singer and songwriter’s cancellation seemed abrupt. He had been expected to start the…

50 Cent & Dmx’s Exes To Star in New Reality Series

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It seems that if a woman has a relationship with a man who enjoys the spotlight, she gets many benefits but the problem is that if the relationship ends, so do the benefits. The newest way, it seems, to keep enjoying the benefits of being associated with a famous rapper or athlete is to join forces with other women in your same position and star in a reality show. The…

Did You Know Tyler Perry Changed His Name? Five Things You May Not Know about Tyler

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We all know Tyler Perry as the man who stands on top of Hollywood.  But there are a lot of thing about Perry’s life and career that you may not know.  One thing we can confirm is that this man has overcome a great deal to get to where he is. Here are a few things about Tyler that you may not know already: 1)      Perry once attempted suicide to…

Queen Latifah Blasts Nicki Minaj in Mariah Carey Beef

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Queen Latifah has been one of the few hip hop artists who hasn’t remained silent during the drama between Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey.  The two got into a big fight on the set of American Idol last week, with Carey alleging that Minaj threatened to shoot her.  Even Nick Cannon jumped in the fray to defend his wife, who he felt was being unfairly attacked. Nicki has spoken out…