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October 6, 2012

Ask Black America: Was Obama Afraid of Being Labeled an “Angry Black Man” during the Debates?

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by Dr. Boyce Watkins This week, I heard one of my esteemed colleagues, Michael Eric Dyson, throw out the possibility that President Obama’s poor debate performance may have to do with his race.  Dyson argues that the stigma of being labeled “an angry black man” may have caused the president to hold back when he should have been taking charge.  It appears that some might believe that the president’s reputation…

Snoop Dog: Why I’m Not Voting For Romney

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Snoop Dogg decided to sit down and write down a list of the reasons why he is not voting for Mitt Romney and then also compile a list to explain why he is voting for President Obama. Snoop’s reasons are every unique because neither one of the presidential candidates have thought to use any of them. Among the reason’s Snoop says he wont vote for Romney are : “This motherf—a’s…

Cute or Disturbing? Little Baby Lays Fancy Moves to Beyonce Song

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This video is a few years old, and we don’t know if the girl is proud of it or embarrassed.  But we wanted to show you a video of a little baby dancing to Beyonce while a man who appears to be her daddy cheers her on.  The dancing is cute, especially when she climbs out of the cabinet on cue.  But some of the moves are a little more…