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October 4, 2012

Good News: Clark Atlanta’s Band is Back on the Field

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The Clark Atlanta University band is back on the field right before the school’s homecoming, thanks to an investigation that cleared the band of all wrong-doing in an alleged hazing incident.  The university has announced that the Mighty Marching Panthers are going to be back on the field, but this was after they were suspended indefinitely just a few weeks before.  Some universities that want to protect themselves from liability…

Nick Cannon Comes to Mariah’s Defense in Beef with Nicki Minaj

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Nick Cannon probably feels that it’s his job to protect his wife whenever necessary, even if she’s the one who caused the drama in the first place.  He got into it with rapper Eminem a few years ago after he called out Mariah from one of their sexcapades, and now he’s going after Nicki Minaj. Cannon talks about the recent video that shows Mariah and Nicki going at it like…

Jay-Z aka Mr. Carter: “Size Doesn’t Matter”

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Jay-Z has had quite a bit of criticism come his way for saying he is co-owner of the Brooklyn Nets, when in fact, he only owns a small fraction. In answer to the criticism, Jay-Z said: Size doesn’t matter. The rapper pushed back at his critics while performing at the Barclay Center in Brooklyn New York where he’s  performed every night  since Saturday. Speaking to his audience, he said, “It…

“Saved by the Bell” Star Has Bipolar Disorder

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Remember Lark Voorhies?  If you don’t, you should know that she was the one black girl on the old school show, “Saved by the Bell.”  She appears to have had a tough life up until this point, and some wondered what happened to her after seeing images that were a far cry from the beauty queen that we once knew. Voorhies has been having a tough time of it since…