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October 1, 2012

Bobbi Kristina's Lifetime Reality Show on Lifetime Was Filmed On the Day Of Her Father's Wedding in June 2012. The Show Is Now Slated to Premiere On Lifetime On October 24

Bobbi Kristina’s Reality Show Reveals Life Without Her Mother

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Twitter fans of Bobbi Kristina are always reminded of her mother’s legacy. The only child of the late Whitney Houston, Bobbi Kristina posts tweets about her mother daily. Most of them saying she misses her and others speaking to their resemblance in personality and/or physical appearance. It’s no question that the aspiring actress was inseparable from her mother. Her relationship with her father Bobby Brown, however, has not been so…

T-Boz Gets a Reality Show, Had to Learn to Walk/Talk Again After Brain Tumor

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Everybody buckle up, because T-Boz, the coolest member of the group TLC, is now stating publicly that a reality show is in the works for her.  T-Boz, also known as Tionne Watkins, has gone through a great deal, including a failed married to rapper Mack-10, a brain tumor diagnosis, foreclosure and nearly everything else.  It’s good to hear that a few things are going right for her. The show is…

New Orleans Policeman Accused of Two Time Hit-and-run Resigns

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On Friday, a New Orleans police officer resigned and was then arrested for a hit-and-run after confessing to it. The veteran officer was arrested by the agency’s internal affairs unit. Up until recently, Roger J. Jones Jr. was an officer in the 8th District. He was charged with being behind a hit-and-run in the Lower Garden District in September of 2011. The 38 year old is reported to have also…

Eazy-E’s Old House is in Foreclosure

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It’s scary to think that a man who died of AIDS used to have a “Playhouse” where thousands of people were probably also infected.  But that’s what Eazy-E once owned, back when he was alive.   The place known as “Eazy’s Playhouse” was a ghetto spinoff of Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Mansion, which featured non-stop parties, and of course a lot of “gettin bizzy.” The house remained in the possession of…

Younger D.C. Sniper On 27 Shootings: I Felt Like ‘The Worst Piece Of Scum’

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On Sunday, convicted D.C. sniper, Lee Boyd Malvo, the younger of the two infamous D.C. snipers, was reported to have said that looking at one of his victim’s husbands made him feel like “the worst piece of scum.” In an interview with The Washington Post, Malvo expressed remorse and went on to urge the families of the victims to make an effort to forget about him and his partner in…

Absence of Jesse Jackson, Jr. Making Constituency Increasingly Impatient

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It has been over three months since Jesse Jackson, Jr. mysteriously disappeared. It was later reported that he was suffering from severe depression and then later still, that he also suffered from gastrointestinal problems. Lately, the mystery seems to be whether or not he has recovered and when he will return to his job in Congress and his campaign. It was reported that he would be back on his campaign…