Four year old LadyOurLove McInnis Was Dropped Off At A Homeless Shelter- Miles Away From Her Home- On The First Day Of School

Schoolbus Driver Drops Four-Year-Old Off At Homeless Shelter

Four year old LadyOurLove McInnis Was Dropped Off At A Homeless Shelter- Miles Away From Her Home- On The First Day Of School

Four year old LadyOurLove McInnis Was Dropped Off At A Homeless Shelter- Miles Away From Her Home- On The First Day Of School

A four-year-old girl named LadyOurLove McInnis, was traumatized when her schoolbus driver dropped her off miles away from her home at a homeless shelter in Minneapolis. McInnis’ mother, LadyAshley Myers, is calling for the termination of the schoolbus driver.

My daughter has not slept in the bed with me since she was 2 years old. Last night, she slept in a bed with me because she was so upset,” Myers told a local news station. School officials have reprimanded the driver and mandated that he undergoes further training so that the situation does not happen again. The school district’s communications director Rachel Hicks said that drivers are still familiarizing themselves with the new students.

Four-year-old McInnis’ bus ID tag- the primary source of information for a child’s drop off location- had fallen off in the parking lot of the school. After discovering the child’s bus ID tag was missing, the driver didn’t call the central office nor did he call the school to verify the child’s home. Instead, he dropped her off at his final stop, a homeless shelter named Mary’s Place.

A staff member at the homeless shelter called the school’s district office, notifying them that a child that doesn’t live there had been dropped off. School district officials wanted to place the girl in a taxi to be sent home, but Myers refused. McInnis, traumatized by the bus driver’s decision, told her mom she no longer wanted to go to school. Myers assured her daughter that she doesn’t have to worry. “Mommy will be there to drop you off and I’ll be there to pick you up,” she told McInnis.

Similar situations have occurred this year in California and Utah.


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    • Ran at 7:12 pm

      I wondered if by the time I got to the comments section if someone was going to be tasteless enough to comment on the child’s name vs the seriousness of what happened. Looks like that person is you Jon. Tiny mistake my ass. Thankfully the story ends with the little girl going back to her mother without any serious harm. (I suspect she’ll soon get over the emotional part of her ordeal.) But what if she had been intercepted by some nut job? Or wandered off from the shelter since there would have been no accounting for her there at all? That makes what happened more than a “tiny mistake”. As for her name…people walk around with all different kinds of names that mean something to them and/or the parents who named them and they’re just fine. No reason to think this little girl will be any different.

  1. jon at 7:29 pm

    Hey RAN is that the past of RUN like RUN of DMC…most welfare moms gots the time to sit around and dream up stupid names for the kid that the state will be paying for so people can have sex without any obligations. Did you struggle with reading the article/ or did someone read it for you that went to school? And yes a name is important and yes the mistake was just a mistake. Whats wit peoples like you, you want them hung or electric chair for that mistake. If the kid is too young to be on the school bus the city or state could put some peole to work as a school bus monitor to know when and where a child needs let off. The bus driver has a big job(something you dont know about I guess) drivin all them kids around anyway

    • Ran at 6:14 pm

      I won’t address anything in your comment Jon except to note that based on your grammar, spelling and judgements you clearly are incapable of an intelligent exchange of ideas or opinions and are not worth a continued back and forth with you.

  2. Sharie Agatha Goodman at 8:03 pm

    I think that the Bus Driver was wrong to Drop off the child at a shelter he or she needs firing,the child needs consuling now to over comes that fair,what a sad thing to have happend to this little girl,hopes she gets over it fast.why didn’t the driver called the school supervisor or anyone associated with that school,it does’n takes a robot sciencetist to make a decision like this it is called using your five senses.So sad for her and her Mom.

  3. Nicholas at 9:01 pm

    This has to be in either Texas, Florida or Ohio where most of the dumb stuff happens. What kind of a person would drop a 4 year old off anywhere without knowing who the child was or where the child belonged. I would love to hear the bus drivers answer.

  4. Toni at 1:27 am

    Jon, you have issues and you appear to be hateful. I would never want my child to be dropped off at a location that he or she is not familiar with. The situation is devastating to a child. Jon you appear to have some hate issues that need to be addressed.

  5. Sheila Tedford Spencer at 2:43 pm

    Why did he choose the homeless shelter? was it because she was a black child and people think that's where we all end up. He should of called the school, (THAT's JUST COMMON SENSE WHICH HE OBVIOUSLY LACKS) Yes he should loose his job. If they don't fire him then the school can expect a LAWSUIT from me, if it was me.

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