U.S. Rep.Yvette Clark Believes She Would’ve Been A Slave In 1898

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U.S. Representative Yvette Clarke Makes Gaffe On The Colbert Show Oberlin College

U.S. Representative Yvette Clarke

U.S. Representative Yvette Clarke made a recent appearance on satirical political talk show “The Colbert Report” on Tuesday. During her visit, host Stephen Colbert jested that her borough, Brooklyn, shouldn’t have joined with New York City in 1898. He continued to say he’d go back in time to correct the decision; he then asked Rep. Clarke what she would change. Clarke said she would demand to be set free from slavery, with a straight-face. Colbert quickly prompted an explanation. “Slavery…Really? I didn’t realize there was slavery in Brooklyn in 1898,” said Colbert. Clarke fired back immediately saying, “I’m pretty sure there was.”

Colbert continued to probe into Rep. Clarke’s belief and asked the congresswoman who would have been her slave owners at the time. Clarke answered quickly, saying the Dutch would have been her oppressors. The Dutch lost control of the region in the 1600’s and slavery was abolished in the state in 1827. A spokesperson said that Clarke was joking with Colbert and that reaction to the comments was mixed. Rep. Clarke was not available for comment at the time requested because she was attending the Democratic National Convention.

Rep. Clarke made headlines in the past for providing false information about her educational background on her campaign materials in 2004 and 2005. Rep. Clarke received a scholarship to Oberlin College in Ohio. Although she spent the mass majority of her academic career at the institution, she transferred to Medgar Evers College when she was six hours shy of a degree from Oberlin College. When news broke that she’d lied about graduating from Oberlin College, Rep. Clarke attributed cloudy memory to the ‘mistake.’


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  1. U.S. Rep. Yvette Clark is an Outstanding Member of our U.S. Congress and a Great Leader in The Congressional Black Caucus. She is Fierce and She is a fighter for The People…Make No Mistake About It.

  2. She made a reference to slavery, something that most Americans (including many black descendants of slavery) are uncomfortable discussing, so the article quickly pivots to an unrelated incident in her past in an attempt to discredit her. Won’t work.

  3. She was not joking, like several other black elected officials she is not worthy of the position, and is a embarrassment.

    She didn’t have to mention slavery where she had no expertise.

    Now she is not so old that time has dulled her memory, who wouldn’t know if they did or did not graduate from a university, if that is in her pass she should always have the answer to that question on the tip of her tongue, the truth!

    no excuse

  4. I knew this blunder would come up. I watch the show that night & knew she was wrong when she gave the answer. He continued to ask her if she she was sure she be a slave in New York in 1898. He was trying to give her an out the history of her state is something she should have known. He made her look dumb after she gave that answer & then when asked who would have been her oppressors the dutch. He started quoting history facts of New York in 1898. I betcha next time she won’t be so quick to answer slavery when ask a history question.

  5. Vote Obama & Joe!

    Harriet Tubman once said that “she freed thousands of slaves and could have freed thousands more if they had known they were slaves.”

    • here here they dont know and want to pretend they are not decendents of slaves. Stop bashing each other. Start seeing what you can do to bring someone up. Pray and Vote Obama 2012

  6. I love her. so who ever tried to slander her should shut thier moths. Im happy she was on Colbert report. Colbert watch yourself. Correct her inaccuracy dont be condecending, she doenst have a team of writers and reserachers and script writers feeding her from a teleprompter like you. so quiet!

    • She just blew it. How could an educated women in congress from her home state for crying out loud not know that slavey was over in 1865 that year should be up there with Christmas. Then she double down on the bullshit she didn’t come off looking to bright

      • Over but not done. Some of us had grandparent born from slaveowners almost until the 1900s. All history is not reported. Vote and Pray Obama 2012

  7. Bless her heart, she fell for the old okie doke! She should had been more thoughtful in her answers and it showed that she wasn’t fully informed on her answers. She should had known to be smart with her answer being that she’s in politics.

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